Blacked Raw 65

Blacked Raw
Blacked Raw 65

"Blacked Raw" is a perfect series for viewers who just wanna sit back and enjoy passionate, in-your-face sex with gorgeous young females, without any of the fancy sets, overblown costumes, and convoluted scripts you sometimes get with features. "Blacked Raw 65" is a fantastic gonzo example of such simple, down-home, bawdy-babe-banging.

We begin with a doozie, as purple-haired vixen Val Steele (also referred to as Valerica) gets joyfully banged by humongously hung Anton Harden in a passionate Derek Dozer-directed sequence. In a slightly darkened bedroom, Val sounds as if she's going to heave as Harden jams his monster meat deep down her throat. But she takes it well. Val, actually, squirts while Anton is slamming her missionary. Damn! This is one horny woman! During 69, Val begs Anton to fuck her face even more. Yeah! Doggie with her perfect ass is supreme, with Anton hooking a thumb up her butthole. Cowgirl, similarly, highlights that tasty tush. And, after fun encore missionary and doggie performances, Val gets her face pasted full of jizz, grinning as she swallows the sperm.

One of my favorite babes here is wicked blonde beauty Chanel Camryn, an ultra-fox who tells her boyfriend on the phone (in this killer KGB-directed scene) that she can't hang out with him, because — unbeknownst to the poor guy — she's "hanging out" with Richard Mann and his big, swinging vine! Chanel is not only gorgeous, but incredibly juicy, with one crazily voluptuous butt. After some loud dick-sucking (what an amazing pair of head-givin' lips!), she takes it missionary from Mann on top of a kitchen counter. They soon move to the bedroom, where things really get sweaty. Reverse-cowgirl shows off her amazing figure, leading to a crazy face-fucking. During cowgirl, Chanel really works her fantastic fanny. Hell, I could watch her round ass jiggling in this position for hours! Chanel's on her tummy during much of doggie, while she's screaming/convulsing during missionary. And watch her play with the jizz that Mann ultimately blasts across her picture-perfect face, after which she blows us a fun kiss.

Alex Eikster directs the next searing scene, which finds blonde sweetheart Marilyn Sugar being fully invaded by Jack Rippher — both orally and vaginally. In another atmospherically darkened setting (like all of the scenes, in fact), Marilyn sucks Jack a bit on the bed before we get slamming doggie à la Sugar. The second round of cocksucking is even better, with Marilyn going loud and deep. Jack yanks Marilyn's hair when they return to doggie. And I love how she bounces her meaty butt upon his boner during reverse-cowgirl, which is shot from Jack's perspective. After more horny positions, Marilyn sucks Rippher's balls while he jerks off upon her pretty, smiling face.

In another scorcher from director Dozer, brunette Sawyer Cassidy (I even love her unique name) is one insanely attractive, sex-hungry darling, with a superlative butt and some unique-looking all-natural boobs that are both slinky and firm. After some nocturnal kissing with Jax Slayher in the street, we're soon inside Sawyer's pad — where Jax royally doggy-drills her against the kitchen counter. I love it when he picks up petite Sawyer off the ground and bangs her missionary, which turns into cowgirl as they land upon on a sofa. Slayher then turns her into a pretzel during reverse-cowgirl, and watch Sawyer's marvelous-looking boobs quiver and shake during missionary and spoon. Sawyer is, actually, a spinner with a delightfully tight butt, yet it looks bigger (yes!) during cowgirl. There is lots of great eye contact from our girl during more doggie, with Jax soon hoisting her off the ground again — this time for reverse-cowgirl, before she gets her ever-smiling mouth fully creamed. Sawyer's a keeper!

All four of these absurdly attractive, fun-loving, randy young women perform swimmingly, though my faves are delicious Chanel and equally scrumptious Sawyer. "Blacked Raw 65" is one not-to-be-missed gonzo treat.

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