Blacked Raw 61

Blacked Raw
Blacked Raw 61

Each of these five ladies looks amazing and performs swimmingly in this super salacious 61st volume of "Blacked Raw," culminating with a scorching anus-obliteration of Emilie Crystal.

Scrumptious redhead Scarlett Jones and Jack Rippher play a couple looking for a slut for the evening; our adventurous duo ultimately winds up with a doozie in the form of deliciously dirty doll Mini Vampp (also a foxy redhead!). The three bring matters to a quick boil back at Jack's pad in this fierce, Alex Eikster-directed scene. I especially love how Mini sucks the tip of Jack's head, as well as how she sluttily pulls Scarlett's butt cheeks apart while Scarlett is riding Jack's beast of a boner during cowgirl. Additionally, I get a kick outta how Mini uncontrollably howls during her own session of cowgirl. Yeah! Doggie with both ladies is phenomenal; they have such luscious asses, and they both love gorging on cock. It's even better when those bodacious booties are bent over, next to one another, with Jack going back and forth 'tween their velvety slits. I also love how Scarlett's big, upgraded boobs bounce during missionary and reverse-cowgirl, as well as how Jack really bangs Scarlett doggie one last time before donating a measuring-cup's worth of cum for the hungry hussies to share.

Director KGB expertly helms Scene 2. The unique-looking Mazy Myers tells her boyfriend over the phone that she's out with a group of girlfriends, when the cheating slut is actually at Anton Harden's joint, about ready to gulp down his joint, with mouth and muff. It's incredibly entertaining watching Mazy try to get the head of Anton's huge hard-on into her gob; it's almost as if she's trying to suck on an arm. Seriously. Missionary with Mazy is intensely passionate, though it's a special treat when Anton stuffs her via doggie, holding her arms together in knot-like fashion while he jams that monster-meat balls-deep inside of the submissive babe's tight twat, before pulling out and creaming all over her ass cheeks. But (whoopsie!) he does get more of the gunk on his wrist than her butt.

Derek Dozer directs the third "Blacked Raw 61" scorcher, which features the pretty, delightfully elegant-looking Pristine Edge. She's filming a hotwife inter-lewd with Richard Mann for her husband — and ultimately, produces some truly molten footage. It's a joy watching Pristine suck on that monstrously massive Mann-meat. It's also grand seeing her fine ass take it doggie style. And watch how she masterfully works that same bodacious booty during cowgirl. Pristine has an almost web-like pussy that really grabs hold of a love pump. Check out, too, how her body thoroughly glitters from sweat by the time Richard jams his enormous dick up her vadge during reverse-cowgirl. What marvelously augmented boobies on Pristine! There's an even more breathless repeat of cowgirl, where Pristine totally works her snatch, before she has Richard jerk himself off. Pristine whorishly rubs the warm jizz all over her face — and cum-sumes a goodly portion as well.

In in the final explosive "Blacked Raw 61" episode, shot by the returning Eikster, delectable spinner Emilie invites well-hung Jesus Reyes Vasquez over to her place for the first time — while she's watching porn, no less, thus getting 'em both in the mood and culminating in one crackling buttfuck. Emilie is a wonderfully wiry thing, looking terrific in all positions. But doggie up the pussy, then anus, is especially satisfying. I like how she groans like a total bitch in heat during missionary up the asshole; her expressions frequently vacillate between pleasure and pain. And check out our darling damsel's slinky, shiny, sweat-drenched bod during reverse-cowgirl-anal. Damn! What a killer figure!

From its opening torrid threesome, to its final apocalyptic ass-fucking, "Blacked Raw 61" is a winner — especially thanks to the electric erotic energy potently delivered from mouthwatering sex-freaks Scarlett, Mini, Pristine, and Emilie.

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