Rocco's 4 Cams POV 6

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Rocco's 4 Cams POV 6

Performer/director Rocco Siffredi makes a point of stating that he has four cameras covering his POV sex before passionately getting it on with various tantalizing European beauties. Actually, two of the camera angles look pretty much the same to me. Still, it's an extremely strong POV series, thanks to Rocco's boundless energy and, of course, his great eye for exquisite female beauty and horny exhibitionists.

Sharon White, 29, from Hungary, is an amazing-looking wench, giving "POV6" one fantastic opening. I love the wire-framed glasses on Sharon, as well as her bountiful boobs. She rims Rocco well on a wide plastic sofa in a little den in Rocco's pad (his numerous porn awards are fully visible on either side of the room). Doggie with those perfect Sharon butt cheeks is excellent. Reverse-cowgirl lets you see that thin White waistline and her all-around off-the-scale delicious body. I do, however, wish there were more close-ups of the action, which is why I totally appreciated Rocco's roaming camera as he shoots White via reverse-cowgirl from his angle; that pear-shaped White ass crazily jiggles. Doggie is wonderful, too, before Rocco creams all over Sharon's lovely mouth.

Next, Matty is a 19-year-old Latvian, with brown hair (a little past her shoulders) and small tits, presenting a nice contrast with Sharon. Matty has a truly big ass and a slim waist, which we fully see during doggie in another great POV escapade with Siffredi. I love Matty's quiet yet totally upbeat attitude, as well as how she likes eating Siffredi's ass in-between cock gaggings. Actually, that's where Matty really excels: in the oral department. I can't get enough blowjob footage of her, and Matty really goes for the oral gusto towards the end, totally getting Rocco off with her highly skilled mouth.

Our third POV gal is attractive, slightly demure, 21-year-old St. Martha from Russia, with plastic-framed glasses and cute pony tails via her long, brown hair. Martha possesses another smallish pair of tits, and performs all around wonderfully with Siffredi. The glasses come off soon enough, with Rocco slamming it to her via doggie as he yanks on her hair. I like how she sucks his dick as he dunks it into her mouth during 69, with Rocco on top. Rocco eventually goes for a second round of even-more-pounding doggie with this delightful babe. Sweet.

One of my faves in this quintet of hotties is big-eyed/-lipped, long-haired, 18-year-old brunette Liza Vogue from Moscow. Liza is an amazingly succulent-looking student, really warming up fast to Rocco. Good girl. Liza also has a tasty pair of small tits. I like her more vampish look. And, again, a highlight here is Rocco banging her via doggie as he pulls on her beautiful hair. It's also grand when she rims him for so long; Rocco eventually jerks off into this marvelous vixen's longingly awaiting mouth.

My favorite performer in this POV entry is Candy Giada, 25, from Italy. Wow! Another secretary, she has big, long tits, a gorgeous face, killer ass, and striking red hair just past her shoulders. The awesome thing about Candy is that, yes, she's slightly older than the other young ladies. But, in turn, she knows what she wants. And she knows how to work her tasty body with Rocco. She's very vocal about it, too! I mean, it's so damn horny the way she speaks in Italian throughout the scene. She's fantastic in all angles. Candy, by the way, doesn't mind eating Rocco's ass. I especially liked reverse-cowgirl with those hanging boobies on Candy, who screams with orgasms while playing with her clit, her tits crazily bouncing away. Candy ultimately takes Rocco's load with her hungry tongue, her hair soaked from sweat and cum dripping off her chin. And she's still picture-perfect!

Rocco's super sixth POV entry builds and builds from Sharon, to Liza, to (mama mia!) Candy, all of whom I definitely wanna see more of!


This POV has a lot of varieties of girls and also different personalities. Like Martha, Matty and Lizy Vogue All of them are Russian girls but completely different in personalities. I also had fun with the new Italian star Giada, a very beautiful girl. But my favorite scene after all is with Sharon White because she is absolutely a nympho.

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