Sis Swap 2

Team Skeet
Sis Swap 2

With this addition to Team Skeet's frequently blistering taboo series "Sis Swap," you get male and female stepsiblings getting it on with their friends' stepsisters/brothers — and sometimes with one another (yeowza!).

Jason Deep and David Lee (the latter sporting the man-bun) are horny college seniors playing video games at Jason's house. The boys cut a deal with their freshmen sisters, played by Alona Bloom (the brunette who's "related" to Lee) and Percy Sires (the blonde whose stepbro' is Jason) — namely, that they'll give the ladies shopping money if the chicks put out. The little nymphs go for it, and on a large white porn sofa no less. I like how Percy and her big butt ride Lee cowgirl style, and it's even hornier when Alona sucks her on-screen brother's (Lee's) dick as said cock is vigorously pumping Percy via missionary. Doggie with both babes is terrific. Actually, I adore the baby fat on Alona, who enjoys Jason harshly smacking her juicy butt cakes during doggie. It's also sweet when the ladies do some 69. Lee ultimately inundates Sires' face with jizz-whiz, while Jason keeps fucking foxy little Alona doggie for a long time (love it!), before he, supposedly, creampies her.

In our next scalding foursome, Braylin Bailey (the blonde) is the stepsister of Anthony Pierce (wearing the red shirt), while Aria Carson (the brunette) and Tyler Cruise are adopted brother and sis. The guys blackmail the dolls into fucking 'em, or else, they'll tell their parents about the chicks planning on going to a teen-sex party. Some heated sticking and licking rapidly unfolds. While Aria is a fine moaner, I found myself looking more frequently at curvy, slightly bubble-butted little blonde Braylin, who is especially fun to watch in mid-fuck during doggie — particularly with that round ass — as well as during reverse-cowgirl. Braylin eventually begs her stepbro' Anthony to let her suck his dick, which she does quite marvelously, as Tyler continues to doggie her. Tyler then starts to doggie his own stepsister Aria, which Braylin similarly does with Anthony; the boys eventually do their stepsisters missionary before they spurt spunk all over their faces. "I want you to fuck me all of the time now," Braylin sincerely/filthily tells stepbro' Anthony, after which the girls share their brothers' liquid love. Nice.

The exotic-looking Gia DiBella is definitely one of my faves among all of the naughty "Sis Swap 2" gals, here sleeping over at the house of her taller blonde gal-pal Celestina Blooms. The girls inevitably screw their stepbrothers, played by Cody Carter ("related" to Blooms) and Tyler Cruise (Gia's "bro'"). Both ladies hack well on cock, while also bouncing expertly on boner during cowgirl, especially the more tanned and scrumptious Gia; the girls ultimately also fuck their own stepbrothers, most notably via cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl. And doggie with Gia is amazing, as is Celeste deepthroating stepsibling Cody; the ladies eventually share their brothers' cum with one other. Nasty.

Macy Meadows (with the purple bow in her hair) and the blonder Madison Summers (sporting the red bow) are blackmailed by their stepbrothers (the returning David Lee and Tyler Cruise) into sucking/fucking them after the ladies are caught (and filmed!) doing 69 — or otherwise risk the bros putting the video on the internet. The results are quite scorching, indeed, with each girl getting it on with each guy. It's never really made clear who's "related" to whom in this segment. That stated, I especially liked Madison's looks of intense passion during missionary, while Madison gets doggie-drilled by Tyler — as David totally hammers Macy via missionary. Macy, at one point, squirts into Madison's giggling face, with Madison occasionally sucking Lee's cock in-between his merciless missionary thrusts into Macy.

All of these fiery foursomes in "Sis Swap 2" will get the blood rushing to your head (both the large and small one).


Percy Sires & Alona Bloom need to borrow some money to buy some new clothes and the boys each think the other's stepsister is hot, so these horny young men come up with a plan where everyone gets what they want

Aria Carson & Braylin Bailey are fooling around when they are caught by their stepbros. The girls swear they're not lesbians but the boys are not buying it. There is one way the girls can prove they like dick... This leads to some stepsister swapping.

Gia Dibella & Ceslestina Blooms have a stepsibling sleepover, but with no TV in the house the girls and their respective stepbros get bored quickly. The four of them decide to play truth or dare and things get exicting pretty quickly.

Macy Meadows & Madison Summer get caught making out and their stepbrothers are threatening to post the video online. Now, in order to keep it off the internet. the girls are going to have to keep the other's stepbrother happy.

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