Kenzie Loves Girls

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Kenzie Loves Girls

Wicked Pictures creative head Axel Braun presents the directorial debut of veteran performer Kenzie Taylor.

Kenzie is no stranger to Wicked Pictures. She is the venerable studio's version of Captain Marvel (arguably the definitive version of the character); she's played a deranged sociopath for her partner Seth Gamble; and she's landed a myriad of other roles for the company. But never has she stepped into the director's chair (on the straight side anyway) until now. "Kenzie Loves Girls" is Kenzie's love letter to gonzo porn, and according to her, the "Buttman" series was a big inspiration for her on this project. If you know anything about that series, you know exactly what to expect from this film.

Nicole Doshi, Alyx Star:

The first scene is a workout fantasy with Nicole Doshi and Alyx Star doing squats in little booty shorts while Kenzie lurks just off camera. Both ladies show off their perfect asses before Kenzie gets them naked and starts handing them toys. You will definitely want to stay locked in for the double-sided dildo play, as it is easily the highlight of the action. Boy howdy, is it the highlight of the action! The tandem masturbation at the end of the scene is also quite nice, and Kenzie peeking in to slurp Nicole's juices off her fingers is very hot.

Coco Lovelock, Haley Spade:

This scene is unabashedly the cheerleader fantasy. Kenzie drives by two wayward cheerleaders and decides to give them a ride. Just a few innuendoes later, and both young ladies find themselves naked at Kenzie's house. You want to talk about memorable? Coco Lovelock wraps her feet around her neck, and Haley Spade goes to town on her pussy with her tongue — for a while. Kenzie gets in on the action, reaching in to diddle Coco's clit a bit as Haley feasts on her. But just when you thought it couldn't get any kinkier, Coco squirts into her own mouth; then, she squirts all over Haley's face before gargling her own cum. Yes, you read that right. Everything else that happens in this scene is just bonus sex.

Maddy May, Kylie Rocket:

Maddy May and Kylie Rocket get together in an outdoor location at night, and that setting is actually quite cool. The backdrop creates an exotic tone because of the rocks, possible fountain and palms, and that makes the sex feel more like a fantasy. Maddy and Kylie get themselves off with vibrators lounging together before Maddy buries her face in Kylie's bush. Eventually, Maddy offers up her hotbox to Kylie and shows off her glorious ass in the process, and as things escalate, Kenzie gets involved by fisting both ladies in the mouth and diddling their clits periodically.

Charlotte Sartre, Jane Wilde:

The final scene is an art play fantasy. Kenzie brings Jane Wilde and Charlotte Sartre in to do some painting, and honestly, it was quite cool to watch the art segment play out before the sex started. I love how the ladies got naked for inspiration and began to use each other as canvases. It's also very cool that Charlotte already had a butt plug inserted. Charlotte painting Kenzie's name on Jane's ass was a nice touch, and watching Jane fondle Charlotte's asshole in response was very sexy. In fact, both ladies spend a great deal of time playing with each other's asses. There's plenty of anal fingering, rimming, and toy play. The climax of the scene is some of the most stimulating toy play I’ve ever seen. We're talking master scissoring here, folks; you do not want to miss this!

This is a good all-sex movie. It holds on to the theme enough to elevate this beyond the simple fuckfest you see so often in vignettes, and the set pieces are nice. Each scene is better than the last, and the film culminates with a memorable romp that would make Buttman proud.


Superstar Kenzie Taylor makes her Wicked directorial debut with a funny, sexy, and scorching hot All-Girl movie produced by the legendary Axel Braun. Featuring some of the top female performers in the business, Kenzie Loves Girls is high-quality lesbian adult entertainment at it's Wicked best!

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