Cruel Intentions

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Cruel Intentions

A pair of long-ish story-driven vignettes helmed by Walden Woods for the studio’s Taboo Men brand, each running between 35-40 minutes, focus on character development that serves to drive the storylines (including the sex). Unobtrusive lighting, camerawork and editing keep the action flowing smoothly; acting is solid and feels natural.

In the first of the two vignettes, a pair of pretty, insouciant stepbrothers – Trevor Harris and Elliot Finn – compete to seduce wholesomely cute neighbor Andrew Miller. Harris is pale, thin and preppy-handsome with a square jaw, while Finn is slender and ripped with a ripe, low-key sensuality (“Whoever can bed the imbecile first – wins,” Finn purrs.) Although Miller is the meat in their sandwich, he powers their sexplay with a wanton hunger that feels real. Miller moans, groans and yelps as he’s being stuffed with cock like he means it.

Harris and Finn are featured on the box art.

In the second vignette, hunky Blain O’Connor (looking delectable in tight jeans) rallies his boyfriend Adrian Hart, abs-tastic with dyed blond hair, to enact sexual revenge on their nightmare of a boss, played by Chris Damned. The latter is lean, inked and scruffy and exudes bad-boy swagger (he’s even hotter when he’s groomed a bit), but the pleasure here is when O’Connor and Hart really go at it hammer-and-tongs. Hart plays the top role, but they’re on equal ground until they begin to cycle through positions, and O’Connor takes more control. They fuck in their injured boss’s bed while he watches helplessly (and jerks off). The shifting power dynamic adds a layer of erotic excitement.


Stepbrothers Kent Milhaven (Elliot Finn) and Bash Wentbrook (Trevor Harris) are rich, vapid, and bored. Their money has bought them loads of entertainment, but nothing gets them going like some good old-fashioned competition. Their new game isn't for the faint hearted. The goal, get their sweet and innocent neighbor (Andrew Miller) into bed. Whoever pops his cherry, gets the glory, but at what price? Dante Crawford (Chris Damned) is a nightmare boss. He treats his employees like dirt and Dante's assistant, Clay McManus (Blain O'Connor) has had enough of it. Clay is lucky to have his boyfriend, Geoffrey Stevens (Adrian Hart) by his side, working as Dante's private chef, but he knows there needs to be a change. One day, when Clay can no longer keep his cool, things do shift massively in Cruel Intentions.

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