MCL: Magna Cum Load
MCL: Magna Cum Load

Five strong college-themed vignettes focused on sex-obsessed young studs who can’t stop themselves from fucking all over campus, even in the dean’s office. Scene-stealer Felix Fox dominates both of his scenes, while elsewhere Angel Rivera ravishes Joey Mills.

It’s Finn Harding’s first day on campus and he interrupts new roommate, Fox, riding Kyle Connors’ boner in bed. The latter pair decide to haze the handsome, square-jawed stud (no spoiler, but it’s amusing) and Harding decides to exact his revenge by showing off his impressive sexual prowess. (Beaux Banks contributes a comic nonsex cameo.)

Kyle Connors is built like a soccer player with shoulder-length strawberry blond locks; he’s also a natural comedian with a charming, up-for-anything sex appeal. Fox is one of adult’s most notable newcomers in recent years; he’s tanned all over with a flawless physique, golden curls and an inexhaustible sexual hunger. He clearly loves being dominated. Oral worship and ass-eating is slurpy and vigorous; Finn fucks them both, and the trio pull a train with Connors in the middle; the latter also enjoys more time banging Fox. It’s a frisky, energetic threesome and Fox’s spurting cumshot is impressive.

Fox recurs for a comic interlude in the school library. He and sensual, square-jawed hunk Ryan Bailey are supposed to be studying “science stuff.” Fox easily slips into the dominant topman role; Bailey delivers a worshipful, spit-soaked blowjob under the table and then enjoy a frisky fuck when they manage to foil the domineering librarian. Fox handles his comic dialogue with aplomb and delivers a whopping blowjob to his buddy before fucking him into submission. He’s a treasure.

Bailey is hauled off to the office of the dean of students (ruggedly handsome Sean Cody star Devy) for punishment, which includes light paddling and spanking. Bailey sucks off the (slightly) older man, who bends the wayward youth over his desk for a hammer-and-tongs fuck. Bailey whimpers and moans with pleasure.

Elsewhere, back in the library, affable power bottom Michael Boston is supposed to be tutoring Harding when adorable young Troye Dean appears and dashes under the table to hide from a bully. Naturally, while he’s under there, Dean decides to lick and slurp on Harding’s boner. He then manages to get himself “stuck” in a shelving unit (just go with it); Harding takes advantage of Dean’s vulnerability by fucking the twink’s tight ass, while Boston feeds him cock at the other end. Dean takes it like a seasoned pro; his ravishers then bend him over a desk and switch positions a couple more times. Harding also plugs Boston’s world-class ass; the latter yelps and groans with loud appreciation. He and Harding simultaneously jerk out loads onto Dean’s pretty face.

A-listers Angel Rivera and Joey Mills are paired together for a strong hookup; Rivera literally tears open Mills’ jeans to get to the latter’s famed hole while Mills plays video games. Frustrated, he leaves Mills to fuck himself with his Switch controller (really), only to return to finish the job. Rivera, tanned all over with some extra muscle, fucks Mills sideways. He sinks his boner to the root and utterly dominates the studpup, who paints himself with seed as he’s being fucked, leading Rivera to erupt; “I’m still cumming!” Mills groans.


Finn Harding's college tour starts with a bang when he finds his roomie for the weekend, Felix Fox, riding a dick. Finn teaches blond Felix and red-haired Kyle Connors about the sock code, then gets schooled as Felix squirts out a big creampie on Finn's head. Felix says that fair's fair, and Finn can squirt on him too. Kyle and Felix kiss around Finn's cock, and Finn fucks Felix doggystyle before Kyle rides him and Felix rides Kyle.

Angel Rivera wants to fool around with his college roommate, Joey Mills, but Joey's more interested in his video game, even when Angel rips open his jeans and starts fingering his hole. Once Angel leaves, Joey decides to hit pause so he can use his controller for stimulating his p-spot. Angel sneakily watches before he gives the gamer twink what he needs: a Magna Cum Load.

Ryan Bailey is trying to get some studying done at the college library, but his buddy Felix Fox is more interested in checking out the stern librarian, rubbing his cock through his pants, and making dirty jokes. Felix takes out his dick and puts it through a hole he made in his book, then Ryan sucks it under the table. Felix sneakily penetrates the bottom, but the pair get caught.

After Ryan Bailey is caught fucking in the library, he's dragged to the office of Dean Devy for his punishment. Devy says there's one way Ryan can avoid expulsion and lays a wooden paddle on his desk, but to his surprise the twink picks it up and slaps it against his rump, excited to get started. The light paddling Devy starts with isn't getting the message across, so Ryan strips and lies over the desk for a firm punishment, then gets an over-the-knee spanking to boot.

Professor Michael Boston is giving his favorite hunky student Finn Harding some extra study help in the library when twink Troye Dean runs in and hides under the table, closely followed by the jock he just pranked. As Michael tries to send the angry guy away, Troye pulls Finn's cock out and sucks it. When Michael returns, Finn's having trouble concentrating on the math problems, so Michael encourages him with a kiss.

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