Black and White 22

Black and White 22

The folks at Vixen’s Blacked brand present four more fiery scenes.

Stefany Kyler, Freya Mayer, and Anton Harden (“Breaking Point”):

When Lauren starts dating Anton Harden, things between she and her two BFFs, Stefany Kyler and Freya Mayer, take a turn for the worse. Suddenly, she’s seeing flirting where she used to see innocent friendship, and her friends have had enough of her bitterness. One afternoon, Stefany and Freya find a suitcase full of condoms and decide to put them to good use. The pumping is nice and deep in this scene. Anton mounts Freya from behind while prone and thrusts his dick deep inside her. It’s a helluva nice position, and Freya trembles with ecstasy while Stefany looks on hungrily. Stefany gets her own turn in a nice reverse cowgirl while Freya rubs her clit furiously. Beautiful setting, beautiful women, great scene.

Ariana Van X, Agatha Vega, and Joss Lescaf (“Invitation”):

Ariana Van X accepts an unexpected invitation to a gorgeous villa on the coastline by Joss Lescaf. However, much to her surprise, Ariana is greeted at the villa by a smoldering Agatha Vega, who is operating under strict instructions to show Ariana a great time. There’s some wholesome sharing of time between the two bombshells before Agatha reveals that Ariana is there because Agatha thought she’d be a good match for she and Joss, but she had to be sure. I loved the quick (but super hot) moment of Agatha rubbing Ariana’s pussy under her dress shortly before Joss walks in. Things get turned up a notch or 12 when Joss takes Ariana from behind while her plump ass is stuffed with a jeweled butt plug. Holy hot, Batman! Agatha gets a nice spoon while Ariana fingers her pussy next to her furiously, and it’s a great visual. Good lord, Agatha can move!

Tiffany Tatum and Freddy Gong (“Misunderstanding”):

Freddy Gong is filling in for model Tiffany Tatum’s regular photographer, causing her to be a bit nervous about her upcoming shoot. But when Gong does a fantastic job, Tiffany’s comfort level rises, and her inhibitions lower proportionately. I have always liked Tiffany (she’s so pretty), and she is on fire in this scene. The highlight is easily the moment when Freddy bends Tiffany over the arm of the futon and pounds her from behind. Folks, this is a wonderful position, and it is guaranteed to get the libido smoldering — especially when Tiffany looks up into the camera. Good lord!

Mary Rock and Darrell Deeps (“Solo Travel”):

Music adds so much to porn, and this scene’s opening is a perfect example. It’s a standard tease, but the musical accompaniment gives a whole different life to the moment. Mary Rock mounts Darrell Deeps like a stallion and rides him in a display of incredible leg strength (good lord!) before straddling him in a more traditional sense and letting him pump her vigorously. The doggie is also spectacular and shows off Mary’s cute ass in fantastic fashion. The early evening light and the slow rocking of the boat add great mood and tone to the scene.

There is certainly a fair share of hot sex in this 22nd volume of the “Black and White” series. Director Julia Grandi does a good job capturing the essence of hot sex, and the cast does a great job of delivering on a myriad of fantasies.

Synopsis: welcomes you to another installment of Black & White. This series exposes you to stunning girls with contemporary perspectives on sexuality. Featured cover girls Stefany Kyler and Freya Mayer are tired of their friends paranoia, so they give her a reason to be insecure by seducing the stick-in-the-mud's boyfriend. Ariana Van X, Agatha Vega, Tiffany Tatum, and Mary Rock are all rethinking their ideal sexual pair-ups. Taboo tales, spectacular scenery, and unparalleled action: Check out why says everything looks better in Black & White.

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