Next Stop Vegas

Disruptive Films
Next Stop Vegas

Sexual firebombs Drew Dixon Joshua Parks anchor this feature-length pair of soapy vignettes from Disruptive Films centered on the jealousies and rivalries swirling around a troupe of male exotic dancers.

Disruptive won the 2022 XBIZ Award for its debut feature, “The Last Course” and followed-up with the 2023 XBIZ Award for “Best Gay Sex Scene” for the seven-man orgy from “Briar Basin Ranch.”

Most of the nascent studio’s work feels like a mainstream indie feature, particularly with its cinematography, scoring and editing. Co-director mr. Pam is known for her gritty, street-level cinematography that invites the viewer to feel as if they’re part of the action, and that’s definitely the case here. The troupe of dancers in nonsex roles are the real deal; they share an easy chemistry as they joke around and bag on each other.

Pam captures the sights, sounds and neon lights of Vegas; clever editing deftly conveys the feel of an actual performance in a much larger venue. Kudos to the tech team for some fine work.

Lithe, smooth and beautiful Joshua Parks shows off legit moves as a dancer; when his efforts are rejected, he runs into the arms of dreamily handsome Alpha Wolfe, a bearded, furry and muscular stud who exudes confident swagger. Their slow tease crackles with tension as Wolfe undresses and Parks gives him a lap dance. Oral worship and an acrobatic fuck in the pool at night includes an amusing shout-out to Vegas-set camp classic “Showgirls.”

Parks is a real find; he deftly handles quicksilver emotional shifts in his character, and his dancer’s understanding of his physique is clear in how he sways and moves to entice his lover. Parks’ laser focus on Wolfe’s seduction is a thorough turn-on.

Dixon is another naturally gifted performer who can handle any dialogue or outlandish situation thrown at him. His solution for handling two managers (cocky Draven Navarro, soulful Johnny Hill) who are fighting over him is to take them both to bed for a rollicking threesome in a Sin City hotel room.

Both men are clearly enthralled by Dixon’s wanton sexual hunger; Navarro amusingly taunts Hill about his sexual prowess, but the latter gives as good as he gets. He moans appreciatively as Dixon worships his cock and then practically begs to fuck him. The burly, furry Navarro thoroughly enjoys having his thick boner sucked down to the root and throws a solid, piledriving fuck into Dixon’s welcoming hole. Camerawork and editing capture close-up angles through to a well-earned finish.


Big D (Draven Navarro) manages a top notch traveling male revue and their next stop is Vegas. The raucous bunch can't wait to get to Sin City to put on a show, but there is some tension among the guys. The uneasy vibe is further exacerbated when Big D introduces his old friend and club owner, Duke (Ricky Larkin). Duke doesn't like what Valentine (Joshua Parks), the featured dancer in the revue, has to offer and his harsh words have Valentine in a tizzy.

As he collects himself outside of the club, Valentine meets Christian (Alpha Wolfe), a big wig in the entertainment industry. Will Valentine finally get to feel like the star? The concluding episode of Mr. Pam's Next Stop Vegas features Draven Navarro, Drew Dixon, Johnny Hill in a steaming hot threesome. The stakes are high in Sin City, and their dreams are bigger. Who's going to come out on top in Next Stop Vegas?

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