Outrageous Anal 3

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Outrageous Anal 3

Most anal scenes today are so consistently in-your-face, it’s easy for the viewer to become spoiled and/or jaded. Still, director Chris Streams manages to give us some relatively off-the-scale buttfucking in this superb anal series, which totally lives up to its title of “Outrageous.” My own personal blue-screen faves, Nicole Doshi and Tommy King, put in their usual wonderfully mind-/dick-blowing performances.

Cute Charlote Sins is up first, getting the “Outrageous Anal 3” treatment from the very lucky Isiah Maxwell, with the doe-eyed babe first getting her throat and anus all loosed up with a big coil-like dildo, before Maxwell ravages her holes big league. Boy, does he face-fuck the hell outta her. Even though this is an anal-focused gonzo, Max-man doesn’t waste that fine pussy on Charlotte, going deep during doggie. “Deep in all my fucking holes, yeah,” she pants. Isiah slides it in her asshole during missionary. “Push my legs back and fuck my ass,” she begs. Charlotte’s a fine gaper, too. Then, it’s doggie-anal. Mama! “Oh fuck, it hurts so good,” she purrs. “I wanna be your kinky little fucking anal slut.” Ms. Sins is a fine ATMer, too. “My ass tastes so fucking good,” she proudly announces in-between gags on Max-meat. After cowgirl-anal, standing mish-anal and traditional mish-anal, Isiah erupts all over Charlotte’s tongue.

Rory Knox is a dirty (you said that right!) blonde with one of the meatiest pussies I’ve ever seen, here getting her orifices thoroughly invaded by the stalwart Zac Wild, who (after Rory loosens her own ass with a hee-yuge white dildo) heartily invades her holes. Her big, shiny, jiggling ass during doggie-anal is a show-stopping segment and is definitely one of the gonzo’s best moments. Amazing! And look at all of the saliva Zac gets rockin’ Rory to hack up while dick-drilling her mouth. Cowgirl-anal is just as phenomenal with that rolling Rory rear. Her face becomes literally cocooned with spit during the following ATM. And I love how Rory’s anus takes Zac’s dick like a knife sinking into a cube of soft butter during missionary, while he doesn’t waste that undoubtedly sopping twat, either. And watch how Wild coats both of Rory’s eyes with copious amounts o’ jizz.

Next, one of porn’s best current performers, Tommy King, gets her own Zac attack with, as you can guess, extremely horny results. After opening up Tommy’s anus with a glass dildo, Zac pummels her mouth with his raging hard-on. “More… please,” she begs. He happily acquiesces. Doggie-vadge is up right away, and it’s a sight for sore eyes, with that marvelously large Tommy tuchus filling the screen. Doggie-anal is out of this world with King’s killer rear, and those little tits erotically hang down as Wild wails on. I love her expressions of pleasure/pain during missionary-vadge and -anal, with Zac going back and forth ‘tween King’s holes. And watch her ass cheeks intensely undulate during cowgirl-anal. Good grief! We end with a fiery session of reverse-cowgirl-anal. Tommy shrieks at times with ecstasy before getting her ever-pretty face — especially her nose — plastered with pud paste.

And we end with another one of porn’s current best performers: the always-dirty Nicole Doshi. Look at how wide her eyes get when her mouth is being ravaged by Mick Blue’s boner. In no time flat, Doshi’s getting doggied in her twat, followed by her soft and pliant anus being reamed big time. And what a classic butt she has! So big, round, and juicy! She likes a good and proper ATM, too, with Nicole especially excelling at it after some reverse-cowgirl-anal. Her anus-squatting action is superb during cowgirl, with a repeat of reverse-cowgirl-anal and some arousing standing-doggie-anal followed by her mouth getting filled with Blue ball batter.

Yes, Tommy and Nicole give their usual outstanding sequences, but hey, Charlotte and (wow!) Rory are also not-to-be-missed anal sluts. Highly recommended!


In "Outrageous Anal 3," top XXX filmmaker Chris Streams presents a cast of delectable beauties whose deep-seated lust for sodomy inspires them to the nastiest acts. All four freaky scenes feature randy buttfucking, rectal gaping and ass-to-mouth flavor! Brunette baddie Charlotte Sins flashes her sexy bod in skimpy lingerie. The tattooed, ivory-skinned girl masturbates, pries open her sphincter and squats atop a massive toy. Charlotte's cornhole stretches abundantly as she thrusts the toy in and out. She welcomes acclaimed porn fucker Isiah Maxwell with a drooling blowjob, coating his big Black cock in slobber, lapping balls and talking dirty. When he throws her on the couch, Charlotte assumes the position, bending over, and his meat plows her sweet pussy. She blathers maniacally as he rails her cunt. Charlotte fondles her slit when his prick drives into her rectum. Isiah cums into her open mouth. Young Rory Knox looks hot as sin in tiny jean shorts, fetish-style boots and a skimpy top. The freaky sex star strips and shows off through a steamy intro. Rory uses a massive dildo to stretch her anus. Aggressive Zac Wild delivers a hard face fucking, and he smacks her chunky booty as his rod plows her sweet slit! Flexible Rory moans when Zac's prick digs into her anus, and her booty bounces as the relentless stud's pud slams her backdoor. When Zac has had his way, he finishes Rory off with a messy cum facial. Powerful porn beauty Tommy King wears stripper heels and fishnet lingerie. The curvy, stacked vixen displays her heavenly ass to start the scene, teasing seductively. Tommy hikes up her panties to give her snatch a wedgie, smiling playfully as the fabric rides deeply in her labia. A hot twerking session leads to a masturbation sequence, Tommy stuffing a glass dildo up her rear as she talks to the camera. Zac tastes her twat. Sloppy BJ fun leads to aggressive slit slamming and rectal reaming. Tommy's round, chunky rump bounces as Zac porks her butthole, and she gives messy, A2M head. Booty queen Nicole Doshi flaunts her big ass and hot body in glamorous finery. She pulls off her panties, revealing the butt plug wedged inside her derriere. Award-winning stud Mick Blue's massive boner enters view; Nicole welcomes him with a slobbering suck job. Drool drips down her chin as she slurps, and Mick fucks her cute face. She tastes the butt plug; he re-inserts it, and his big cock hammers Nicole's box. Next comes the sodomy Nicole needs. She whimpers as Mick's meat plows her back yard. Intense pummeling makes her rectum gape! She opens her mouth widely for a semen-streaked close-up!

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