Locker Room Diaries
Locker Room Diaries

As the title suggests, each of the four vignettes are set in a locker room and features an A-list cast dropping the towel, pumping iron and/or bursting out of their wrestling singlets. Tech credits are polished and straightforward, with a bit of welcome humor. It’s a very strong cast, but Kyle Connors and Felix Fox earn MVP honors.

Connors and Devy are handsome hunks build like college athletes; they look like they could actually be wrestlers and appear on the box cover art. Connors’ longer locks add to his physical appeal; he’s a superb, fully engaged performer. He has swagger in his scene; he kisses and deep-throats with alacrity and is an active bottom, whether he’s getting slammed against the lockers or deep-plunged on a bench. Connors’ active engagement and creamy muscle butt really seem to turn Devy’s crank. It’s a solid matchup. Fans of singlets should not fast-forward through the opening tease as the men show off their bods and then grapple and flirt.

The pairing of Dante Colle and Fox was a smart choice; Colle is as handsome and charismatic as ever, while Fox has clearly spent a lot of time fine-tuning his slender-yet-muscled physique. His wanton sexual hunger works nicely against Colle’s dreamy stoicism; a hot and fun moment occurs as he takes a deep whiff of a sweaty Colle’s musk. Fox whimpers and moans with open pleasure as Colle delivers a piledriving fuck (note: no tan lines) with a Dom/sub vibe. A gregarious Connors also makes an appearance showing off his bod during the opening tease.

Finn Harding and Theo Brady are similar types; both are smooth and lanky with a swimmer’s physique. The former is dark-haired and reserved with a strong jawline, while the latter is blond and tan and more than happy to assist Harding massage a pain in his groin. Like Fox, Brady is a vocal and active bottom and he powers this hookup as he services Harding’s boner and moans appreciatively as he rides his topman, who builds up a strong head of steam. They both look really great in their very tight, small, dark-blue swimsuits.

Fox and his golden curls return for a frisky locker room hookup with a reporter played by Adrian Hart, as delectably fit and intense as ever. This time, Fox takes on the top role. Hart is another fully dialed-in bottom who knows how to match the energy of his top. Fox dines out on his crack in preparation for a hammer-and-tongs fuck session that has an extra crackle of erotic chemistry.


Tensions are high during Devy and Kyle Connors's wrestling bout, but it's after Kyle taps out that things really heat up. Kyle rides Devy reverse on a bench, then sucks the top's cock, then Devy fucks him doggystyle against the lockers. Devy pins Kyle on the bench, fucking him missionary till Kyle cums, then covers his sparring partner with jizz.

When the trainer's next client, Dante Colle, shows up, Felix is impressed by the bearded hunk's muscles and stamina, and asks his trainer for details about him. Dante eavesdrops outside the locker room, then comes inside to offer Felix some tips... and more than just the tip. Dante pounds the bottom in doggystyle, then penetrates him in missionary till Felix orgasms, and the bottom eagerly takes a facial.

Finn Harding and Theo Brady celebrate their volleyball win with a sweaty chest bump in the locker room. When Finn mentions a pain in his groin, Theo offers his teammate some TLC, massaging his sore muscles and squeezing that big cock through his briefs. Theo sucks the top, then Finn fucks him on the bench, pounding the bottom in missionary and doggystyle.

Reporter Adrian Hart gets a bit distracted during his post-game interview with winning quarter back Felix Fox when the sweaty athlete strips down to nothing but a towel, so he takes a little break to suck Felix's cock.

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