Cheeky 10

Team Skeet
Cheeky 10

Honestly, it’s hard to figure out which one of these big-bottomed beauties is the best in this choice lot of four foxes. They’re all so downright juicy! Mandy, Candice, Lena, and (one whom I really didn’t know much about until seeing this terrific tenth volume of this fun and filthy Team Skeet series) Hadley. Whoever picked this quartet of succulent derrieres deserves credit, big time. These posteriors are superior!

Of course, it doesn’t get any juicier than Mandy Muse, whose butt never quits, here inviting a stud (uncredited, like most of the swordsmen in this title) into the bathroom of a café for a quickie, as she delivers one of the movie’s most memorable sequences. Mandy is a fine cock-choker, really going to the base o’ that boner. But when Muse is bent over, look out! It’s cushy-tushy, jiggly-wiggly. Doggie is simply the best with Mandy’s choice cheeks, though it’s a pleasure seeing her tight twat getting filled to the brim with beef during standing missionary. But cowgirl upon the toilet seat, with her butt cakes swirling insanely for our pleasure, is absolutely superb! Those same choice cheeks especially cascade during reverse-cowgirl, shot from the stud’s perspective. He also does her doggie while she’s upside-down upon the toilet cover, making for a real kinky treat.

Next is the equally incredible Candice Dare, getting slammed by another male performer. Candice is also one of the best deepthroaters in the movie. What an artiste! I love looking at her pert nipples hanging down (hard and erect) as she hacks on jack, getting delightfully sloppy with her stud’s pud. Reverse-cowgirl shot from the dude’s POV is unbelievable in terms of Dare’s ass gyrations, though doggie is just as off the scale (as you can well imagine!), before el dude-a-roo gets plenty o’ boy-goo all over sweet Candy’s butt-a-roo, which actually sprays all the way over onto her arm. Damn!

Lena Paul, of course, not only has a killer pair of ass cheeks, but an impressive set of all-natch boobies, here getting the full “Cheeky” treatment from (the only “Cheeky 10” male I recognize) Johnny Castle. First, Lena gives Johnny a fine BJ, after which, he bangs her standing doggie and spoon against her house, with both of ‘em stark naked (overhead planes are fully audible). They also fuck in a nearby flat, extensive fountain, with Lena’s tits still undulating during cowgirl, followed by doggie and some face-fucking, before they get more comfy on a circular sofa at poolside. Lena’s tits continue to swirl like crazy during spoon (she also enjoys getting her backside heartily smacked), while her jiggly butt cheeks are on full display (as if possessing a mind all their own!) during cowgirl. Johnny eventually unloads cheese whiz upon her striking face after a spirited session of missionary (with more boob floppin’ action).

The extremely cute Hadley Viscara (also known as Hadley Mason) is, like Lena, not only packing a big, billowy butt, but also, harbors a pair of heavenly hooters, with both priceless areas of anatomy on full display during some very heated sucking and fucking with another cock for hire. Hadley addresses the camera as if we’re her lovers, before she goes to bed (literally, for a good night’s sleep). And while she’s snoozing in the darkness, Hadley is soon elatedly ravished by her beau. The highlights include doggie with that round and rocking rump (which gives the equally protuberant butt on Candice a run for its money), as well as cowgirl and spoon (Hadley also has quite the puffy pussy), while you get to feast on her hefty, all-natural boobies during missionary (great eye contact from Hadley!) and when she animatedly sucks off the dude upon her knees.

From start to finish, “Cheeky 10” is, indeed, nothing short of a 10, with all of the booty-licious — and boobie-licious! — beauties performing magnificently in their separate scenes. Don’t miss it!


When Mandy walks in, our stud forgets all about his lunch and starts getting a craving for ass! She tells him to meet her in the bathroom where she takes off her dress and gives every ounce of her juicy ass to this lucky guy!

Normally a girls best side is her front, but Candice's ass is one sight that must be seen to be believed. Watch as those perfectly round cheeks bounce and jiggle as she rides our stud's dick until the cum flies!

Lena has a great rack but an even tastier ass. She bounces her phat ass for the camera before pouring oil all over her tits. Once her leotard is off, our stud pounds that tight pussy in every position while you get great views of her jiggling ass!

Hadley caught his spying but didn't seem to mind. She her booty for him and even placed her leotard in her camel toe. He takes her after covering her in oil, and rails her set snatch. Watching the cum trickle down her curves is a beautiful sight!

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