Come Outside

Disruptive Films
Come Outside

Three well-scripted, smartly cast vignettes with a dark, sci-fi spin. All three have their pleasures, but the wanton sexual hunger between Isaac Parker and Cain Marko is a highlight. Tech credits – cinematography, editing, sound design – are strong; each vignette runs around 35 minutes or so, which is just long enough.

Disruptive Films, founded in September 2021, is the 2022 XBIZ Awards winner for Gay Movie of the Year for its debut feature, “The Last Course,” whose cast includes Boston, the 2022 XBIZ Awards winner for Gay Performer of the Year.

Boston plays a homeless queer youth who can’t help but accept an offer of assistance from a mysterious woman (Siouxsie Q) who takes him to meet “doctor” Matthew Figata, aka The Extractor. The latter is a silver-haired stud, tall, broad-shouldered and muscular. He conducts a very thorough examination of Boston’s soccer player physique, including relaxed, sensual oral and assplay. Boston, a world-renowned bottom, takes on a top role here, but Figata is in full command. It’s a pleasurable exercise in seduction and gentle domination; Figata repositioning himself to bury his face in Boston’s deliciously round butt is one prime example. Boston drops a wet load onto Figata’s eager tongue, providing him the special material he needs.

Slender, handsome twink Isaac Parker has been alone following some kind of mysterious, unnamed event that drove him inside his apartment for protection. Cain Marko turns up one day, pleading for assistance, and convinces Parker to let him inside. Marko is beefy and bearded and they are immediately in each other’s arms, kissing hungrily. The studpup is eagerly subservient as Marko services his cock, dives deep into his tight chute — the younger man shivers with pleasure as Marko runs his bristly beard across his sensitive hole — and then fucks Parker down to the root across a kitchen table. It’s a deeply intense plow that concludes with a pair of splattery cumshots. Parker deftly portrays someone whose pent-up lust leads him to make a very bad decision.

Clean-cut blond beauty Brandon Anderson plays an upgraded version of a robot designed — and indoctrinated — by a creepy married couple (Elena Koshka, Tommy Pistol). Anderson nicely conveys the robot’s blank sweetness and innocence; he remains guileless even when he encounters his deceptive “twin” (Dalton Riley), who has a few personality flaws. It’s a flip-fuck, but most of the action centers on Anderson learning how to enjoy man-on-man fucking as a top. Riley confidently leads him through his paces for a straightforward, pleasurable bedroom romp. They flip roles and Anderson proves he’s equally adept as a bottom; Riley’s wet pop shot allows him to gain the upper hand.


Erics (Michael Boston) family kicked him out when they found out he was gay. While on the streets, Eric is approached by a mysterious woman who offers him a hot meal and an opportunity to have a job where he helps others. Unsure of what the job entails, but knowing he needs to make a living, Eric says yes. That's when he meets, The Extractor (Michael Figata).

Brent (Isaac Parker) has been locked in his house ever since the 'incident' that changed the landscape of the city and its population. It's wild on the 'outside' and humans have become feral in an attempt to survive. One day, he sees a man (Eric) outside his window. The man (Cain Marko) is unkempt and primal but, through the window, he manages to convince Brent to Come Outside.

A married couple is desperate to grow their family and they figure the best way to do so is through the creation of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) robots. Their first robot TIM (Dalton Riley) was a bad apple but the newest version, TOM (Brandon Anderson), is everything the couple dreamed of when they began their journey. They are thrilled with their strapping, polite man. As TOM proves to be the perfect specimen, the shadow of TIM --and The Robots soulular connection--cannot be escaped.

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