Ample, Vol. 1

Ample, Vol. 1

“Ample, Vol. 1” marks the debut of a terrific new interracial series from where, according to the company, “the action should be more than ample” (it is!), featuring ladies “for whom too much is never enough” (it isn’t!) in three scalding scenes directed by Laurent Sky and a fiery finale from Derek Dozer.

Beautiful Gianna Dior plays a far-from-modest rich “influencer” who’s impressed by one of her big fans’ big cocks: i.e, the beast attached to Anton Harden, with Gianna and Anton giving “Ample” one hell of a grand opening in her bright and comfy living room. It’s surreal seeing gorgeous Dior trying to get Anton’s long, thick-as-a-brick dick into her mouth. She doesn’t get far with such monster meat, but it’s still impressive. Gianna is a glutton with it, too. Watch how that leg-like dick face-fucks her. Incredible! She rides his prick cowgirl style so well, with Harden slapping her ass to Gianna’s glee. He nearly splits her in two during missionary. And there are plenty more nasty face-fucking sessions. Doggie with such a stone fox as Dior, possessing such a tight little ass, is off the scale. Anton stretches her equally tight pussy to the absolute limit, too. And I like her slutty smirks during raging spoon. Gianna is such a perfect porn specimen, with Harden leaving a hefty deposit of boy batter inside her pussy. Fantastique, Monsieur Sky!

Slutty little Jane Wilde has the hots for a rapper, played by Julio Gomez, who blocks out two (w)hole hours for his horny little fan, with the two going nuts in one incendiary suck/fuck at Julio’s pad. And I like the longing looks Wilde gives Gomez while trying to jam all o’ that thick prick down her gullet. He chokes her during missionary, really burying that bone, while doggie (again with such a tight-assed honey) is extraordinary, as Wilde doesn’t mind bending down all the way so that Julio can just slam away at her. Spoon is just as intense, if a bit too short. Julio soon plasters Wilde’s chin and lips with an “ample” amount of sperm. Yes!

Shona River is one tasty spinner, with a charming Hungarian accent, who’s introduced by a girlfriend to the mysterious “Mr. M” — the hugely hung Mandingo — with River first getting licked and finger-fucked in bed by her girlfriend, before the tall and rangy Shona ventures out to Mr. Man-Meat’s home, with Manny giving Shona quite a bonah. And what a long, glamorous figure River has! I like how she worships that huge hose with her tongue, then gets happily cock-gagged. Cowgirl with such a killer River ass is amazing, with beautiful Shona riding that raging hard-on like a madwoman. Her phenomenal bod is on full display during gasping reverse-cowgirl. She really pumps him, too, with Mandingo returning the favor during doggie, where, like cowgirl, we get to revel in that righteous little River rump. She also takes control a bit during doggie, eventually getting Mandingo off, the sperm just splatting upon her tongue. Wow! River is absolutely outstanding!

And we end with a short but sweet scene by Derek Dozer, featuring slinky blonde Alicia Williams getting her mouth and pussy destroyed by Sly Diggler, playing yet another rapper who (surprise) likes to bang tasty fan-girl twat. After Alicia sucks Diggler’s dick a bit, there’s missionary, spoon, and doggie, the latter being the best position with such a taut little booty. Diggler gets a good rhythm going, spanking that sweet ass a bit, before Alicia asks him to cum on her face. He does, indeed. I also like Alicia’s slightly big yet curiously slinky (like all of her body) tits.

“Ample” is an excellent new series, with all of the delectable dolls showing off their slutty wares, though Gianna and (especially!) Shona really take the Blacked cake!

Synopsis: invites you to the debut of its new series, and the action should be more than AMPLE. This series introduces you to ladies for whom too much is never enough. Featured cover girl Gianna Dior loves the money she earns as an influencer and relishes thirsty attention from her male followers. But when a fan sends Gianna a DM she can't ignore, the obsession goes deep enough to make her the thirsty one. Jane Wilde, Shona River, and Alicia Williams are all grabbing a hold of as much muscle as they can get their hands on. Staggering stories, vaulting production values, and overwhelming performances: come see why is beyond AMPLE.

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