Pretty Little Things

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Pretty Little Things

Axel Braun presents a film to satisfy the fantasy of exciting sex with horny nubiles.

Braun is very adept at producing fetish films, having delved into fantasies surrounding women with short hair, women who rock thick pubic bushes, and women covered in elaborate tattoos, to name a few. But this is the first time Braun has focused his considerable talents on the footwear fetish. Popularized by classic Hollywood actresses like Rita Hayworth and Marilyn Monroe, the stiletto style high-heeled shoe has long held a sexual mystique and been a staple in power fantasies for both men and women. A good pair of stilettos can excite even the most chaste man or woman to the point of deviancy, as Axel shows in this film.

Evelyn Claire and Seth Gamble:

Box cover girl Evelyn Claire is up first, and she is just fantastic. She’s so pretty; you’ve got to be kidding me with those eyes! She looks right into your libido and practically dares you to fuck her to pieces every time she gazes at you. It’s no wonder she was the cover girl. She accepts a throat beating from Seth Gamble early on, then backs her ass up for a vigorous doggie fuck that sets Seth panting with pleasure. She also looks delicious all spread-eagled on the couch as Seth pumps away, causing her to whimper breathily. She looks on with absolute joy when Seth finally explodes all over her taught stomach, proud of herself for getting him off so effectively.

April Olsen and Jay Romero:

This has a super naughty vibe to it. After a quick visual tease for the audience, April Olsen is shown completely naked and ready on the floor. The “come get some” tone is set right from the start, and Jay Romero is more than happy to satisfy the little slut’s hunger. Holy shit, does April do a number on Jay’s dick right from the start! She bends over so he can plow her from behind, but instead of passively letting him pump her, she slams her ass back onto him, sliding his longsword into her pussy like a piston. In fact, April spends the majority of the scene controlling the pace, riding Jay expertly and showing off her fabulous ass throughout. It’s amazing.

Jewelz Blue and Zac Wild:

Holy cow, Jewelz Blue has a great ass! I mean, ladies and gentlemen, this scene wins on the spectacle of Jewelz’s ass alone. Zac Wild gets to plow the gorgeous woman in all manner of positions, but director Braun knows exactly what the audience wants to see from this pairing. The camera spends plenty of time focusing on Blue’s ass, and audiences will be thankful for it. No matter what position the pair engages in, Braun makes sure Blue’s best ass-et is on display.

Kiara Cole and Seth Gamble:

Kiara Cole’s tease fits the title of the film perfectly. She just screams “girl-next-door cute” with her coy smile and just-short-enough shorts. She feels like the kind of girl you want to do terribly naughty things to. Fortunately for the audience, we get to live this fantasy vicariously through Gamble. Kiara is nude to start things off, while Seth is Adonis-like in sharp slacks and naught else, putting his chiseled frame on display nicely. After Seth licks Kiara’s pussy enthusiastically, she returns the favor by practically inhaling Seth’s cock. He lifts her petite body so he can fuck her standing (it’s so fucking hot), before laying her down on the couch and going to Pound Town. There’s a perfect amount of choking and slapping and a really naughty variation of reverse cowgirl that is dynamite.

Once again, Axel Braun manages to bring a fetish fantasy to life in fun fashion. Everyone involved in this film looks fantastic, and Axel never gets lost in the sex for so long that he forgets who the audience is. There’s something for everyone here, and it’s presented in a fashion that should leave audiences spent and satisfied.


They say big things come in small packages, but in this case it's hot, sexy and super horny "things"! Watch these gorgeous young ladies fuck their way through the day in legendary direcor Axel Braun's latest awesome all-sex'll be glad you did.

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