Young Again

Disruptive Films
Young Again

A pair of lengthy vignettes skillfully explore obsession and voyeurism; the first runs about 49 minutes with Michael Delray and Ricky Larkin, and the second approximately 53 minutes with Michael Boston and Johnny Ford.

Nascent studio Disruptive Films, founded in September 2021, is the 2022 XBIZ Awards winner for Gay Movie of the Year for its debut feature, “The Last Course,” whose cast was led by Ford and includes Boston, the 2022 XBIZ Awards winner for Gay Performer of the Year.

The first vignette, titled “Young Again” like the DVD itself and directed by mr. Pam, also offers a juicy nonsex role to industry icon Chi Chi LaRue, who eschews the wigs and glitter for a distinctly unglamorous character.

LaRue plays a depressed older man whose deteriorating mental state is manifested in stained clothes and piles of garbage he has to kick out of the way to move around. The highlight of his day is parking himself at the peephole in his door to grab a quick glance of his handsome, muscular neighbor, played by Ricky Larkin with a growing sense of unease about being spied upon.

LaRue’s character falls asleep clutching crystals and wishing to be young again; he awakens with his mind in the body of a young stud (Michael Delray) with a slim and smooth physique, sensual lips and thick pompadour. With such abundant physical gifts, and an adorable puppy dog eagerness, he is quickly invited inside Larkin’s apartment for a hookup.

Delray is charming as he reacts with startled pleasure to his good fortune and tries to contain his delight as he and a bemused, puzzled Larkin flirt and move into kissing, foreplay like nipple teasing, slurpy ass-eating and body worship – the bearded Larkin’s fur-covered abs and pecs are a sight for sore eyes.

What is just another hookup for Larkin is a source of sheer delight for LaRue-as-Delray; there is an unexpectedly tender moment when Delray kisses a sleeping Larkin as he slips away. The next morning, LaRue is back in his normal body and finds himself sliding back into his obsessions.

The second vignette, titled “Peeping Todd” and directed by Michael Vegas, takes an intimate spin on voyeurism. Boston and Ford play a pair of handsome, affable models hired to pose around a pool and then proceed through an anal sex session. Vegas’ camerawork and in-character narration maintain a POV/gonzo connection with the men; his camera never seems to move more than six inches away from them.

Ford is very lean and ripped with an arresting gaze, while the dark-haired Boston is built like a wrestler with a world-class ass and a sexy, confident swagger. They’re both relaxed and comfortable with each other as they explore each other’s bodies — they pose in swimsuits, white underwear and white jock straps — and interact with the camera and field increasingly personal questions and requests.

They begin to kiss, trade blowjobs, slurpily eat ass and then fuck with a sweaty, passionate intimacy, never losing the intensity of their connection with each other or the camera. Those who harbor a secret fetish for playing the role of an up-close-and-personal voyeur while a couple of hot guys bang in front of them will really enjoy this tryst.


Mitch has a crush on his hot, young across-the-hall neighbor Jordan (Ricky Larkin). One night, after an awkward encounter with Jordan, Mitch has dark self-harm thoughts. Instead of taking his life, he opens a box of crystals and wishes that he was young again. The other day, his wish came true and became Young Again (Michael Del Ray).

He takes advantage of the situation as he can, Mitch makes a play for Jordan. Was it a dream? Todd has a filming fetish. He likes to invite good looking, sexually curious performers over to his house and then film them having hardcore anal sex. Today, Todd invites Johnny Ford and Michael Boston. He speaks candidly with them, asking them to tell his camera why they are here today. After variety of poses around the pool, Johnny and Michael are ready for sex.

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