Emily (Willis) is a professional grifter, and she’s good at what she does. But her past finally catches up with her when Tony (Carrera), one of her old victims, gets out of jail and tracks her down. Tony threatens to kill Emily’s sister Candie unless she puts her considerable skills to work for him. With her sister’s life hanging in the balance, Emily re-assembles her old crew to undertake their most dangerous mission yet. Will they be able to pull this daredevil heist to save Candie? And even if they do, can Tony be trusted to keep his word?

The plot is a sprawling heist caper in the vein of the Oceans movies, with Emily leading the charge as the mastermind. She’s supported by some of Europe’s heaviest hitters, and each of them is given enough personality to stand out. The production value is also high, giving the entire film an epic tone — and the astonishing seven sex scenes are dynamite.

Willis and Cherry Kiss go to town on Kristof Cale in a scene that works as exposition for Willis’ character. Willis flashes her million-dollar smile as Cale plows her while Kiss cradles her shoulders and diddles her clit. Eventually, Cherry gets her own turn and lets Cale have his way with her asshole, submitting to a stupendous pounding.

Once the heist begins, Emily splits her crew into multiple teams, each with a specific objective. To gain access to the computer engineer (Ricky Mancini), Clea Gaultier is tasked with delaying the babysitter (Eve Sweet) so that Cherry can get access to his laptop. Clea whisks the impressionable young woman off the street and into her flat for a night of sexual exploration. Sweet melts into Gaultier’s seductive tongue and fingers as they travel across her body. You can see Clea delighting in bringing Sweet to passionate orgasm after orgasm, and Sweet seems overwhelmed with pleasure.

Mancini and his wife Tiffany Leiddi are enjoying their evening at a local sex club, but when Cherry and her hacker need more time to crack his laptop, Clara Mia serves herself up as a delectable distraction. The lighting here is exquisitely debauched, as are Tiffany and Clara. I love when directors use the setting to create a mood, then have the sex mirror that mood.

The team’s second mark is Marcello Bravo, the main investor for the startup company Emily’s crew is targeting. On the verge of a financial windfall, he’s understandably nervous. Luckily, his wife Anna Polina is happy to comfort him. Anna is a voluptuous sex bomb, and every time she’s on camera, the results are highly stimulating. She rocks Marcello’s world in sultry, erotic fashion.

Anissa Kate seduces the owner of the startup company, J.P.X., in order to gain access to his private meetings. The intel she secures pays dividends for the team, and she pays J.P.X. her own form of return on his “investment.” Anissa is a vision, and her natural tits are amazing.

A huge plot twist precedes one of the most aesthetically pleasing scenes in the film. Newcomer Candie Luciani proves her sexual metal in a beautiful scene with Tony Carrera on a yacht. I love outdoor scenes that take advantage of nature’s beauty.

The final sex scene is a massive orgy straight out of a ‘90s music video. Emily and her entire crew pose as party groupies after Marcello’s investment launches successfully. There’s a shot of all six ladies descending on him like a pack of lingerie-clad zombies that is absolutely gorgeous. The sex is steamy and erotic as Marcello is carnally devoured by the ravenous beauties.

Herve Bodilis assembles a huge cast of European and American talent in a tale that plays like a Tarantino film, but with relevant subject matter in blockchain and virtual currency. In my opinion, porn is best when it elevates itself into the same arena that mainstream storytelling occupies. Clearly, Bodilis and the folks at Dorcel agree. What a throwback to the glory days of feature porn!


Tonight, Emily Willis and Cherry Kiss have a date with Kristof Cale, a charming bachelor on a business trip to Paris who thinks he's hosting two high-class escorts. Although they are experts in all areas of pleasure, the two young women are in fact professional hustlers who take advantage of the influential men they meet to get money or important documents that they can sell to the highest bidder.

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