Wet Hot Summer Vol. 9

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Wet Hot Summer Vol. 9

Just in time for that special season of the year, “Wet Hot Summer 9” is chockfull of cute pixie-spinners, all looking as light as a feather and sucking/fucking with sincere delight in this highly whackable POV gonzo.

DVD cover girl Ana Rose looks like the kinda gal you’d meet in a Target or Walmart: a very normal-looking chick who’d be game for some sweaty rolling around in the hay that same day. And she similarly seems like a fun sweetie in this opening scene, as she first thrills at playing water sports by poolside, before taking cock to mouth and deep inside her muff with pure pleasure. It appears as if Ana’s male lover has a camera hooked to his hat, allowing for hands-free videography, although the majority of the filming is definitely done by a third party (as is the case in the remaining three scenes). Rose is highly energetic during reverse-cowgirl, but looks best during cowgirl with her slightly jiggly butt — which you get to further appreciate during doggie, although her extreme expressions of lust are on full display during missionary.

One of my favorite gals is sweet little bawdy Asuna Fox, who has a marvelously sleepy look to her as well as a thin-as-a-rail body — but with one meaty ass. Asuna fully enjoys her dalliance with another unseen POV swordsman by the same pool (while, that is, Ana and her own phantom stud are no doubt picking up a few Little Caesar’s pizzas down the street). Asuna’s delicious body looks even more scrumptious after it’s all oiled up. The camera gets way up close to the action during cunnilingus, too, with Fox’s anus — then vadge — being right in our faces, as her lucky lothario lap-lap-laps away. Again, I love her sleepy eyes, especially during her loving blowjob. And check out Fox’s well-puckered asshole during reverse-cowgirl (shot from the dude’s perspective), with that succulent butt enjoying a nice slap or two (or three) straight across its entire heavenly expanse.

Asuna’s awesome ass is even better-looking during doggie; it’s definitely a movie-stealing scene, her rump being just so damn round and juicy! Yeah, she’s a keeper, alright. And check out that darling face — looking like a gleeful waxwork — as our stud pastes her puss with one hefty load o’ sperm. Magnificent!

Blonde babe Paris White has just acquired a mini-vibrator with remote control, which she wants her own phantom boyfriend to try on her upon the sofa and in the kitchen, with (literally) shocking results (she loves it!), before the two dandy degenerates step outside and engage in some perky sun-soaked sex by the hot tub. Paris, by the way, gives the nastiest/loudest/deepest blowjob in the entire gonzo for all of you oral fans, while big booty lovers will dig her protuberant posterior in full humping glory during both reverse-cowgirl and doggie.

But next to Asuna, Sybil A. Kailena is my favorite specimen amongst this quartet of petite, randy sweeties. Sybil plays around with her own mysterious/faceless beau in the pool — which includes some neat underwater footage — before they move to a beach towel upon the nearby grass and get fully stuck in the fucking. Sybil presents another impressive blowjob, in that it’s focused and, in turn, extremely horny. She doesn’t present a bad position, either, though I particularly enjoyed viewing cowgirl, reverse-cowgirl and doggie, the latter two showing off Sybil’s truly juicy figure (actually, she’s the most luscious of all of our spinners here), before our stud absolutely plasters her entire face with fun foam.

“Wet Hot Summer 9” is a terrific title for veteran viewers who love new, fresh, pretty, exploring talent, while the same reasons for digging this movie can equally apply to couples, especially considering the additional facts that the female talent have those girl-next-door looks, while the oral/vaginal action isn’t too over-the-top.


With young girls running around in teeny, tiny bikinis and frolicking in the pool, you know that summertime is most deefinitely the right time! Watch as 4 cock hungry girls get drilled outside under the blazing sun!

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