My Husband's Best Friend 5

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My Husband's Best Friend 5

You get a threesome! And you get a threesome! Everybody gets a threesome!

Natalia Nix, Dan Ferrari:

The opening scene gets right to business with Natalia Nix doing a sexy tease in the shower before her studs walk in to ravage her. I gotta say, the way the initial sex is framed with all three of them in the shower is a great piece of visual art. Soon enough, things transition to a standard bedroom, with Natalia getting her mouth and pussy hammered non-stop. The guys take turns keeping her holes filled, and she gobbles them both down enthusiastically.

Lila Love, Kyle Mason, Quinton James:

This action starts with Lila Love rubbing herself into an orgasmic coma on her bed. It's intense and erotic and sets the tone for the rest of the action. Turns out, Lila has invited both Kyle Mason and Quinton James over for some afternoon fun because her fingers and toys just aren't enough. When the guys realize what's in store for them, they both get on board pretty quick and end up stuffing Lila's mouth and pussy all afternoon. She looks so naughty taking a cock in her pussy while getting her face smashed by another, and Quinton in particular really gives her a good thumping.

Kay Lovely, Rion King, Joshua Lewis:

Kay Lovely and her boyfriend Josh Lewis are having a great time making out, but he wants her to keep it down because his prudish friend Rion King is upstairs. Kay suggests that Rion might not be a prude, but rather, is just waiting for the right opportunity; Josh, however, is adamant that the man is a sexual wasteland. Kay tries her best to get Rion to fuck her, and just like that, the shenanigans are on! This scene is fun because it starts out with some tandem masturbating (focusing mostly on Kay rubbing herself silly) before Josh comes upstairs and joins the action. They really put a pounding on the lovely Kay, hammering her pussy and mouth like pistons and leaving her a shuddering mess.

Penelope Woods, Will Pounder, Oliver Faze:

After a grueling and intensive program, Will Pounder has finally earned his pilot's license. To celebrate, his best friend Oliver Faze hires an escort to give them a private show dressed as a stewardess to commemorate the occasion. Before long, the show gets interactive, and Penelope finds herself on the business end of both their cocks. She rides and sucks them both dry, showing off her ample ass in the process. The highlight of the night comes as Will rubs her to a juicy orgasm while fucking her as she jacks Oliver off all over her face.

As is often the case with Porn Pros, this is a fuck flick that knows exactly what it wants to be, exactly who it wants to be watching it, and exactly how to play up the fantasy at hand. Lila is the standout, while the art direction of the opening scene with Natalia brings a welcome dose of austerity to the action.


Some women might feel upset that their husbands would want to share them. These women want all the dick they can get!

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