Hair Down There

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Hair Down There

These four young ladies are just so cute. And yes, they do have some bush/hair down there. Each might not have a veritable forest, but it’s enough bush to make the circumstances all the hornier. But hell, from Leah Lee to Chloe Temple — from Sera Ryder to Jessie Saint — these four women are ridiculously fine! And they each thoroughly lose themselves in their scenes with sincere abandon.

Lee is the meatiest of the morsels, making a delightful contrast indeed against the other three spinners, with Lee putting in one smokin’ episode with lucky Duncan Saint. After Duncan gets our girl all oiled up and horny while she’s in the backyard on a chaise lounge chair soaking up rays, our couple moves inside for some perverted fun. Lee is a good dicksucker, but her true colors show when she’s getting her pussy potently penis-probed, her big boobies are undulating during missionary, and her equally big ass is rumbling during doggie. You get a good view of Leah-bush during cowgirl (shot from Duncan’s perspective) and reverse-cowgirl (which can be said for all of the slightly hairy ladies in this gonzo). Yet reverse-cowgirl from Duncan’s POV is especially a joy in that Lee really shakes her delectable derriere. A slumbering giant seems to have been awakened in the form of Ms. Lee — or, at least, in the form of her killer ass cheeks!

One of my faves, Temple, is a svelte, slutty tart who disrobes for Johnny Castle in his office (we haven’t the slightest motivation/back story here, but instead, hit the ground running with no dialogue — which is perfectly fine by me). Castle really puts hairy little Temple through the motions. I like how he first finger-fucks her to get her totally primed up for a major humping. What a tight little bod Temple has, brilliantly displayed during missionary (her eyes rolling into her head from arousal). Standing doggie against the desk is truly slammin’, and Temple really shows how good she is at keepin’ the rhythm going during both cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl, with Temple’s tush being on full, glorious display during cowgirl, as our girl begs Castle to cum inside her — which he gladly does. She’s a treasure, that Chloe!

Yet another tasty tart of a spinner, with just enough bush, is DVD cover girl Ryder, who goes so far as to fuck the plumber, played by Kyle Mason, thus showing what a true tramp she is — and I adore her for it! Although Ryder sucks cock using too much wrist (we can do that ourselves, girl), she makes up for it during her actual hose-hammering, being particularly perky during cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl, during which, she likes to take the driver’s seat. Ryder shows off her deep patch of hair during passionate missionary, while her puffy pussy and taut little butt are fanny-tastically featured during pounding doggie, during which, Temple’s pretty face shows an array of turned-on expressions; Mason inevitably blasts his pent-up boner batter across her eyes, nose, lips. Good aim, bud!

Lastly, short-haired (on top and down below) blonde and one true beauty of a spinner, Jessie Saint, literally dreams of seducing her teacher, played by Will Pounder; her fantasy raunchily unfolds in an empty, brightly-lit schoolroom (obviously after hours), with Jessie showing off her own rhythm during reverse-cowgirl and cowgirl, while she totally goes bananas during missionary. I enjoyed the underneath-the-action shot of Ms. Saint’s ass when Pounder lifts her off the ground and fucks her missionary. During standing doggie, Jessie gives some of the scene’s very best eye contact as she looks back longingly, hornily at Pounder, who most definitely lives up to his name, eventually getting Jessie down upon her knees and unleashing dick sauce all over her beaming face.



There's nothing that compares to the moment when her panties finally come off, and we get our first glimpse of the sweet spot between her legs. And when that tasty, pleasure tunnel is covered with hair...

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