Layover My Dick
Layover My Dick

Three comic interludes set inside an airport with an all-star cast. Tech credits, including editing and scoring, maintain the silly tone without being overbearing. Joey Mills’ sexual allure and hunky Reese Rideout’s comic chops steal the show. won the 2022 XBIZ Award for “Gay Site of the Year.” Michael Boston won “Gay Performer of the Year” and Adrian Hart was also a nominee in the latter category.

Boston and Chris Damned are a flirty couple awaiting their flight in an airport lounge; pretty soon they’re making out with hungry passion with the winking approval of a cute gate attendant (Andy Taylor). These guys are sexual pros; Boston grins like he’s been waiting all day to get his hands on Damned and the latter’s bad-boy magnetism is on full blast. Boston’s blue-steel boner is droolworthy; he’s clearly turned-on and he easily keeps up with the pleased Damned as they start to fuck, eventually moving onto the floor for a vigorous ride. The scene ends with a comically large cumshot from Taylor.

Twink A-lister Joey Mills and his girlfriend miss their flight; suave gate attendant Reese Rideout, tanned and fit, rebooks them and flirts openly with Mills, who is amiable enough to furtively suck Rideout’s bouncing boner behind his desk. Rideout is a hambone; he’s genuinely funny, and handsome, which makes for a killer onscreen combo.

Later, he and Mills resume their tryst with Mills’ girlfriend sleeping on the seats right next to them. In true fashion, she awakens, shrieks and runs away and the men continue fucking in a handful of acrobatic positions. As in the first scene, they share a friendly, easygoing chemistry and Mills matches his energy to Rideout’s vigorous moves.

Later, a cutely naked Mills is hauled into airport jail by Adrian Hart (compact and muscular with abs for days) and Dillon Diaz (built like a wrestler). Mills’ puppy dog allure is too much for both of them and the security guards end up pulling a train on Mills. Their threesome assumes a variety of acrobatic positions; at one point, Hart does a handstand between the other two for easier access to his cock and holes. Clear, crisp coverage of Mills getting fucked by Diaz as he deep-throats Hart, for example, is an extreme turn-on. Their hookup ends with a sticky, satisfying double facial for Mills.

Synopsis: presents Layover My Dick, starring Joey Mills, Chris Damned, Adrian Hart, Michael Boston, Reese Rideout, and Dillon Diaz. Enjoy.

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