No Step-Son of Mine

Disruptive Films
No Step-Son of Mine

Two extended dramatic vignettes explore power and dominance between older and younger men from newly launched Disruptive Films and director Walden Woods.

The debut feature for Disruptive Films, last year’s “The Last Course” won the 2022 XBIZ Award for “Gay Movie of the Year,” while the seven-man orgy that concludes the film was a nominee for “Gay Sex Scene of the Year.” Castmate Pierce Paris is the 2020 XBIZ “Gay Performer of the Year.”

The opening vignette pairs tall, broad-shouldered and extra-hung Paris with the very slender, boyish Jordan Lake, whose boy-band locks swoop over his forehead. Normally an amiable hunk, Paris is cast against type here as a cruel, domineering stepfather who is horrified and embarrassed that his stepson planned to wear a skimpy outfit to a Gay Pride party.

The fact that Paris’ character has no issue at all with the young pup being gay is a welcome twist to how this kind of scenario typically plays out. Lake cowers convincingly as Paris hurls invectives and pulls out his cock to be serviced. The younger stud willingly follows a steady stream of angry orders and allows himself to be thrown around a sofa in one position after another as Paris stuffs him with cock. He jerks out a few jets of seed and splashes his belly and chest; in short order, Paris gives him a thick facial and strides away, still angry.

The second vignette centers on silver bear “Uncle” Dale Savage welcoming his “nephew,” the adorable, slender cutie Jack Bailey, into his home for a visit.

The arrangement seems innocent but Uncle Dale has more nefarious motives. He turns down the thermostat, which drives the guileless Jack into his bed for warmth. Their sexual chemistry quickly leads to an extended bout of foreplay as they rub against each other, leading to Savage eating out Bailey and sucking his cock, then inviting the pup to explore oral play.

Bailey displays a natural charisma and facility with dialogue; he’s perfectly believable as a cute young innocent losing his virginity to a manipulative older man. Their prolonged foreplay really amps the erotic heat, particularly as they begin to fuck. Bailey’s facial expressions ably sell the fantasy. It’s quite erotic, particularly for fans of intergenerational hookups and power differentials between sex partners. Unfortunately for young Bailey’s character, he’s about to have his first “hump-and-dump” experience.

Special kudos to the tight, intimate camerawork and adherence to darker storylines.


In No Step-Son of Mine, when John Vickman (Pierce Paris) catches his stepson, Oliver Marks (Jordan Lake) setting up for a Pride party in their backyard, he's angry. Not because of the party, but because Oliver is wearing a skimpy outfit. Since Oliver is planning to wear it out in public, John tells Oliver to get inside so he can show him exactly how he's 'asking to be treated' by dressing so slutty.

Toby (Jack Bailey) is staying at his 'Uncle' Carl's apartment after a concert. As Toby's dad's best friend, Carl (Dale Savage) has always been in his life and has seen him grow up, is looking forward to spending quality time with him. Carl is anticipating Toby's over as well, but for a different reason. Now that Toby's eighteen, Carl's intentions toward the younger man are less pure.

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