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The new hardass CEO (played by Small Hands) of a media company called Influence demands that his staff raise their ratings within a weekend’s time or get swiftly cancelled, with, in turn, some sizzling sexual shenanigans taking place as the workers, mostly female, try to pull their socks up — as they happily take their undies down!

Alexis Tae has an Influence show dealing with interior design, ultimately using a visiting guest, Donte Colle, to spontaneously have live, on-camera sex with — and first tying up Colle to make things kinky. The rope soon comes off as things really warm up; cowbell and doggie are the best positions with Tae’s delicious spinner’s body. Sure enough, she discovers, at the end of her sexy show, that her program’s ratings have markedly improved.

Likewise, to jack up their own ratings for a “beauty and care” show, Alina Ali and Scarlit Scandal show their viewers how to fight off stress — with Scandal giving Ali an on-camera massage, resulting in some tasty lipstick lesbian lovin’. Check out how Scandal just scarfs on Ali’s fine pussy while Ali is still seated in her chair. They eventually switch positions, with Ali lustily lappin’ up labia. It’s even better when Scarlitt has Ali bend over (again, on the chair) and eats her pussy before she jams a huge cucumber up her twat. And, yes, the ratings most definitely experience a consequential healthy rise, as will your prick.

In one of the movie’s best scenes, Isiah Maxwell needs to improve his own live Influence show, which is music-based — ultimately banging the butthole of a guest in the form of ever-desirable Vicki Chase. As always, Chase gives a phenomenal balls-deep suck-off, with oodles and oodles of saliva. Then there’s killer doggie-vadge with this stone fox, followed by arousing reverse-cowgirl-vadge, with Chase really squealing up a storm before Maxwell slides it up her anus. She rides Max-meat like she’s in some kinda nirvana, and there’s nice gaping action, too! Soon, we get doggie-anal, which totally rocks. I mean, just watch those big butt cheeks wildly wobble. A movie showstopper! Maxwell expends a large load of jizz all over her bountiful butt after mish-vadge, before putting it back in her undoubtedly molten anus. Wow!

In another incredible scene, heartless CEO Small Hands gets happily stuck in a nuclear threesome with Violet Starr and Gabbie Carter. First, Hands rips each of his staff members a new one during a Skype meeting, screaming that they should be ashamed of themselves and that the shareholders are complaining about the outrageous decadence on their respective show. Afterwards, Hands thinks he’s logged off from the meeting, but his computer is still on — and his staff witnesses the hypocrite getting it on with busty Carter and luscious Starr in his office.

When Influence’s biggest fan, played by Starr, shows up, things go off the scale. Both ladies give outstanding deepthroat BJs, and wait until you see Hands doggie Starr while standing as she eats Carter’s pussy. Starr looks like she’s crying from ecstasy as Hands does her missionary upon his desk. Cowgirl is even better with Starr’s ass. And watch Carter’s boobs flop and slam into one another during reverse-cowgirl. Then, when the girls are on the carpet, Hands goes back and forth ‘tween doggie with Carter and missionary with (as she’s underneath Carter) Ms. Starr. I like it, too, when we return to doggie with Starr as she sucks and sucks on Carter’s twat. I also like when Hands goes back and forth ‘tween their twats missionary style as they’re reclined next to each other on his desktop, before he eventually releases quite a load o’ sperm into each awaiting vixen’s mouth. Yes!

There’s just enough comedy in this Digital Playground feature to make the sex all the more enjoyable, with high points going to Starr and Carter. “Influenced” is definitely a good title for toe-in-the-water couples, as well as veteran hardcore viewers.


Global mass media company influence is on the verge of collapse. Viewers are bored, and the internet is oversaturated with the same basic bullshit. Newly appointed CEO (Small Hands) schedules an e-meeting with Influence's biggest stars: Alexis (Alexis Tae), Alina (Alina Ali), her co-host, Scarlit (Scarlit Scandal) and Isiah (Isiah Maxwell). The CEO scolds the influencers and gives them an ultimatum: They have one weekend to boost their ratings by any means necessary, or he's shutting them down for good! There's only one way the hosts can attract more viewers to their shows: by putting their inner perverts on display for all to see!

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