House of Temptation

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House of Temptation

Jane Wilde and Tyler Nixon play an on-the-rocks couple whose therapist recommends that they spend some time together in a “special place” (an upscale home where they’re supposedly the only occupants) in order to save their dysfunctional marriage. Wilde and Nixon soon discover that the joint is filled with great-looking, sex-crazed female ghosts (and Mick Blue), thanks to whom our troubled couple eventually find themselves happily back in the saddle with others — and ultimately, each other.

Exploring the house while his (on-screen) wife is unpacking, Nixon finds Eliza Ibarra and Aidra Fox getting it on upon a bed, the two lip-smackingly delectable lipstick lesbians totally ignoring (or, at the very least, not even seeing) Nixon as he ogles this horny pair eat one another to orgasm. I especially liked seeing Ibarra chow down on Fox’s bent-over pussy and asshole as if Ibarra hadn’t eaten for days. Good opener.

Next, Wilde goes to her room to take a bath (nice bush), at which point, she masturbates for a bit, before being unexpectedly joined by Blue, who bizarrely arises from the bottom of the suds-filled bath to bang her mouth and muff silly. “I don’t know where you came from,” she tells Blue, in-between gulps of his cock, “but I like you.” One of the better positions in the tub is cowgirl, with Wilde’s fine, wet, shiny butt on full display; while on the bathroom floor, she does a nice job bobbing on Mick-meat during reverse-cowgirl and, once again, cowgirl. Blue soon pops his dickey all over her awaiting face, after which, he literally disappears. Whoosh!

We then discover that Nixon has partially witnessed what his wife and Blue were up to — but they somehow can’t see him — and he’s bothered by it. However, going into another room, Tyler finds the ever-tasty Ana Foxxx, appearing to be another sex ghost, who quickly calms down the stressed out Nixon by giving him the best blowjob in the house (and the movie!). It’s loud, wet and nasty, also letting him cock-plunge her throat when her head is upside-down on the edge of the bed, before Foxxx happily gives up her pussy and asshole to the lucky boob. Foxxx has a butt plug up her ass, so we know (especially with an anal princess like Ms. Foxxx) that she’s gonna take it up the backdoor. Doggie-vadge and –anal are incredible, especially with that soft tush on Foxxx. I’m glad, too, that Nixon doesn’t waste her pinker-than-pink pussy either, at times going back and forth ‘tween those two Foxxx holes. Spoon-anal is also fantastic. “You can keep fucking that ass for me,” she purrs to him. Foxxx also likes to kiss. And what a great attitude she has! While cowgirl- and spoon-anal totally rock, Nixon blasts boy batter all over Foxxx’s perfect ass cheeks during one of several scorching rounds o’ doggie-anal. “Fucking hot cum all over my ass,” she sluttily groans, after which she (poof!) disappears. A freaked-out Nixon, however, is not amused. “First thing tomorrow morning,” he angrily proclaims, “I’m getting the fuck out of this godforsaken place!”

Although they admit to cheating on one another, Wilde and Nixon try to work it out, with their therapist, played by Sovereign Syre, bizarrely showing up and admitting that she had the hots for both of ‘em when they first walked into her office — all of which leads to an arousing threesome. The double blowjob which the vixens give Nixon is terrific, followed by doggie with Syre; missionary with Wilde; cowgirl and reverse-cowgirl with Syre; cowgirl with Wilde, who winds up eating Syre’s on the side; then missionary with Syre, who takes Nixon’s nut sauce on her tummy, though it also gets all over Wilde’s face. So, does our troubled couple make up or break up? Sorry. Don’t wanna ruin it for you!

“House of Temptation,” with its engaging plot and steamy-but-far-from-over-the-top sex, is a perfect pick for couples — though hardcore fans of Foxxx will certainly wanna check out her smoldering buttfuck sequence.


As a final attempt to salvage their dysfunctional marriage, Hayley and James begrudgingly spend a weekend in a designated house under their therapist's orders. The almost labyrinthine house's doorways lead the couple to mysterious and sexy strangers with both husband and wife finding themselves entranced and tempted by what they see, spawning feelings of jealousy and resentment. Will a weekend in this curious home save Hayley and James' marriage, or tear it apart?

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