Ignite, Vol. 4

Ignite, Vol. 4

The folks at Vixen’s Blacked brand present four more fiery scenes featuring people of color.

Jesus Reyes Vazquez and Ariana Van X:

A nice tease from Ariana Van X with a great piece of music serves as the appetizer for this scene before bringing the viewer into this short story. Van X is unsatisfied with the boyfriend’s lack of attention, which leads the imaginative minx to conjure up all kinds of naughty fantasies. Here, she literally envisions a random stranger ravaging her right in front of her terribly inattentive boyfriend. A chance meeting allows Van X the opportunity to make her fantasy a reality, and she’s more than happy to take it. This woman has a master body: luscious curves, incredible ass. She’s thick! Jesus Reyes Vazquez puts her through all the naughty paces, wrecking her to pieces in the process. Do not miss this stud do pushups in Van X’s pussy from behind, because wow!

Kali Roses and Troy Francisco:

Kali Roses finds herself chained to the bathroom sink in a kinky game, with her controlling boyfriend. Having had enough of his shenanigans, Roses calls her secret lover Troy Francisco to help her escape, promising to make it worth his while. Roses is pretty and has a curvaceous body that just won’t quit. Watching her bounce on Francisco’s dick in reverse cowgirl is a real treat, as is the way she rolls her legs to the side so that Francisco can pierce her pussy in a modified spoon. However, it’s Roses’ amazing ass that is the real star of the scene; it’s full and round and looks incredible.

Ana Rose and Jason Luv:

Ana Rose has been staying with her best friend’s brother during her sophomore semester at college. She’s always liked him, but he’s always been in a relationship. With one week to go, however, fortune smiles on her, and Jason Luv breaks up with his longtime girlfriend. Seeing her opportunity, Rose seizes it. This scene starts out with a unique seduction as Rose grinds her body against the glass door of the shower while Luv watches from inside. It’s a unique way to get the action started. Once Rose enters the shower, Luv takes full advantage of her brazenness. She slurps his massive dick down like a popsicle, and he buries his face in her cute butt in return. They move the party to the bedroom, and Luv really has his way with Rose’s petite body. He pounds her hard and fast, and she shatters under his sexual hunger. The push-up position makes a return in this scene with a powerful, erotic energy that nearly ends Rose right on the spot, while the cowgirl really shows the audience just how filled to the brim Rose’s pussy is when Luv’s massive dick is inside her.

Cherry Kiss, Darrell Deeps, and Freddy Gong:

Cherry Kiss and her boyfriend Freddy Gong have a good thing going, but their relationship hits a snag when Gong invites his buddy Darrell Deeps to stay with them for a while. It’s only a problem because Kiss was interested in them both initially, but chose Gong. Worried about temptation, Kiss is frustrated that Gong would bring Deeps around. Eventually, Kiss forgives Gong, and the two share a passionate fuck in their enclosed poolside patio. Kiss looks great juxtaposed with Gong’s dark frame, especially cradled in his powerful arms and riding him like a stallion. Deeps returns from a jog in the middle of their tryst, and Gong beckons him to join them. Caught up in the hedonism of the moment, Kiss doesn’t resist. The boys waste no time filling Kiss’ holes in a raucous DP, and she shudders with pleasure under their enthusiastic thrusting.

There is certainly a fair share of hot sex in this fourth volume of the series. Julia Grandi does a good job capturing the essence of hot sex, and the cast does a great job of delivering on a myriad of fantasies.


BLACKED.com is burning up your britches with another scintillating installment of IGNITE. This series shows you the hottest interracial sexual encounters. Featured cover girl Ariana Van X wouldn't have to fantasize if her man paid her more attention. Lately this brunette can't keep from daydreaming about a stranger ,and she's about ready to straddle him and find out what he's packing. Kali Roses, Ana Rose, and Cherry Kiss are also desperate to make some sparks. Steamy stories, sizzling scenery, and smoking hot girls make this one combustible collection. Count on BLACKED.com to cook up a sexy sampling with this edition of IGNITE.

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