The Red Room

Wicked Pictures
The Red Room

Seth Gamble makes his directorial debut in this all-sex film presented by Axel Braun and Wicked Pictures.

Axel Braun has always had an expert eye, breathing life into sex and using stunning visuals and captivating music. “The Red Room” is no different, but this time, multi-time XBIZ Award winner Gamble lends his eye for appealing sex to the formula. Bathed in the red glow of passion, each of these scenes carries its own unique brand of passion and sexual power.

Emily Willis and Seth Gamble:

Axel Braun has been absolutely nailing his musical choices for opening scenes in his all-sex movies for about three years now. Well, ladies and gentlemen, Gamble was clearly taking notes because the song that accompanies Emily Willis’ scene is spectacular. The editing is top-notch; the look on Willis’ face as she slinks around the room, and the scalding music, create an irresistible tone. Gamble comes home from a grueling day’s work and isn’t interested in sex, but the blisteringly hot Willis, fresh off an intense solo session that includes anal play, is having none of his exhaustion. She coaxes Gamble to action with her mouth and offers all her holes to him wantonly. He responds with a vigorous humping that includes a lengthy piercing of her clinching asshole before coating her adoring face with his load. What a perfect opening!

Aidra Fox and Seth Gamble:

In this scene, Aidra Fox is aching for Gamble to come handle her, texting him repeatedly to ask what’s taking him so long. Relishing her desire, Gamble prolongs her agony by asking her to rub her clit to frenzy while she waits for him. Watching Fox prime herself for sex slowly is quite the treat, and when Gamble finally arrives, Fox’s anticipation is so that she nearly explodes the moment he touches her. There’s a reverse pile driver that is pretty incredible, and a missionary that shows off Fox’s awesome ass perfectly.

Kenna James and Seth Gamble:

This is easily the best scene in the film. A romantic tone opens the story as Kenna James receives a heartwarming note from her lover. A few tantalizing moments later (including a sensual masturbation scene in a warm bath), and James is dressed for the occasion. She takes herself again with a Hitachi wand on a bed, adorned as Gamble watches her with pride, love and lust in his eyes. This is amazing sex, folks. James is so hungry and grateful for Gamble’s pumping cock in her pussy. His passionate thrusts overwhelm her repeatedly, taking her breath away with relentless orgasms. The cowgirl is insanely intense, as is the way Gamble folds James in half to piston her pussy in missionary. Just, wow.

Lena Paul and Seth Gamble:

Lena Paul is all business in the film’s final scene. She oozes sexual confidence and comes off like a predator from the start. Poor Gamble is her unsuspecting prey, a simple bellhop whose charge to deliver luggage lands him in Paul’s carnal snare. She dominates the action from Minute One and takes Gamble on the sexual ride of his life. There’s lots of POV action in this scene, which is a fun change of pace, and every position puts Paul’s ample bush and bountiful boobs on glorious display for the audience. Paul also puts on a cowgirl clinic that I don’t know how Gamble managed to survive.

This is a fantastic directorial debut for Gamble. He captures the sex in stunning fashion, follows the theme of his film to perfection, and creates an intense fantasy that viewers will be able to enjoy over and over. Wicked would be wise to bring him back to helm as many future projects as possible.


Check your inhibitions at the door. Award-winning performer Seth Gamble turns to directing with an impressive first outing that blurs the line between feature and gonzo. Produced by Axel Braun and featuring 2021 AVN Female Performer of the Year Emily Willis in a terrific scene, Gamble's directorial debut is a scorcher!

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