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I Am Aubrey

A documentary showcase for Aubrey Kate, director Dana Vespoli’s “I Am Aubrey” gives the prolific trans performer the entire stage to tell her story under the tutelage of multiple scene directors.

One of the biggest appeals in porn is the opportunity to know more about the personal existence of our favorite performers. In a world that is built on creating fantasies, the chance to experience a bit of reality is a major draw. Here, the gorgeous Kate shares intimate details about herself with the audience, including her motivations, her personal philosophy on porn, her desires and fantasies, and why she does what she does.

Aubrey Kate and Ramon Nomar (“Hollywood Glam”):

This scene opens with an ode to the classic Hollywood noir days of moody black and white films. Kate glows as her curly blonde locks hang loose, framing her radiant face. She saunters down a spiral staircase bathed in light, surrounded by shadows, her white dress glowing. Ramon Nomar meets her at the bottom of the stairs, sharply dressed in a grey suite. The way the scene shifts from black and white to full color is masterful and enhances the mood perfectly. Nomar takes Kate’s ass vigorously in multiple positions while stroking her cock as Kate moans with pleasure. I thought Nomar might legitimately split Kate in two during the reverse cowgirl, and I was amazed by how much Kate seemed to love being filled to the brim and beyond.

Aubrey Kate, Ruckus XXX, Pierce Paris, Johnny Hill and Dillon Diaz (“Blowbang”):

Kate talks about her feelings on New York City as this scene opens. It’s a very personal admission from her that her fans will absolutely love, and it’s exactly the strength of these kinds of films. Once the sex starts, director Jonni Darko gives Kate all the space she wants. She’s literally surrounded by dicks, and she loves every minute of it. She gorges herself on the cock buffet in sloppy, whorish fashion, and it’s a messy, aggressive affair.

Aubrey Kate, Kenzie Taylor and Ricky Larkin (“Pig-Tailed Dolls”):

This scene is directed by Evil Angel Owner Joe Stagliano, and it serves one of Kate’s lifelong fantasies: Barbie and G.I. Joe getting it on. She talks about how she conceptualized the scene as well as why she chose the co-stars she did. This is very much a reality-style scene, as there’s tons of audible direction from Stagliano. Larkin is not shy about pleasing both ladies with his mouth, alternating between slurping on Kenzie Taylor’s box and slurping down Kate’s cock. Larkin pounds both ladies aggressively, and they both shatter under the intensity of his thrusting. Ultimately, he drenches Kate’s ass with his hot cum in satisfying fashion.

Aubrey Kate, Chelsea Marie and Pierce Paris (“Squirt Gun Three-Way”):

The final scene features quite a bit of insight into Kate as a person and a performer. Seriously, her fans are going to go ga-ga over this, and she’s going to get a ton of new fans from this as well. Eventually, we reach the sexual shenanigans, which feature a fun sequence where Kate and Chelsea Marie have a good time with penis-shaped squirt guns. Before long, Paris and Marie are taking turns getting balls deep in Kate’s asshole. Ladies and gentlemen, when I say balls deep, I’m not joking. Kate takes both Marie and Paris’ cocks in her ass simultaneously in a daring double anal that must be seen to be believed. It’s fitting that this was saved for last because holy smokes, is it intense!

This is a perfect showcase in a myriad of ways. Putting a trans performer front and center in such a bold fashion is a huge leap forward, giving Kate the space to speak her truth is a welcome undertaking, and the results are everything one could hope for. The final documentary moment is the perfect caption to the entire tale. Enjoy the scintillating sex, then listen to what Kate has to say at the end. It matters.


Director Dana Vespoli presents a new chapter in Evil Angel Films' prestigious series of hardcore documentary profiles. "I Am Aubrey" combines backstage footage, penetrating interviews and hardcore sex scenes lensed by four top filmmakers to expose stunning TS superstar Aubrey Kate. With a beautiful, bewitching face and a busty figure, the platinum blonde oozes glamour, but we get a look at the humor, pain and real-life challenges behind the impeccable makeup, sumptuous wardrobe and seductive sexuality. Filmmakers and co-stars describe Aubrey's flashy, jet-setting persona and her drive for success. She tells us about her growing up years, when Barbie dolls were her escape from the difficulties of being a trans person in a mainstream family and school system. We learn about her attraction to a XXX career and the hard work of achieving stardom. We see Aubrey at home, on sets, cavorting with fans at a porn convention and having fun on the streets of New York. She tells us graphic details about her anatomy and sexuality. Meanwhile, the film examines the evolving state of transsexuality in porn and society. Ambitious director Dana conveys Aubrey's "Hollywood Glam" in an elegant sex scene with top stud Ramon Nomar. Black-and-white footage shows Aubrey in opulent lingerie and clutching a long cigarette holder. She finds masculine backdoor man Ramon Nomar in a suit with a bow tie, and the b/w image melts into color as the lovers passionately kiss and disrobe each other. Aubrey gives a deepthroat blowjob, and she takes a skin-slapping anal ride, panting, spreading her derriere with manicured hands. Porn auteur Jonni Darkko presents "Blowbang," in which Aubrey shows her love for "having multiple guys shove their dicks in my mouth." Tease footage shows Ms. Kate's luscious legs and impressive dcolletage, and then she orally worships four ready erections. Sheets of spit cascade across her suckling jowls. One guy sucks her she-dick, and Aubrey ejaculates in his mouth. Four cum facials plaster her from forehead to chin. Aubrey liked the idea of two Barbie lookalikes playing with a guy in a scene, so cisgender female beauty Kenzie Taylor joins her in "Pig-Tailed Dolls," a classic Buttman scenario directed by filmmaker John Stagliano. The irrepressible blondes wear matching stripper heels and cut-offs, their naked cheeks protruding from butt-framing panties as they seduce plumber Ricky Larkin. The scene is a round-robin of oral fun and versatile fucking, rife with rim jobs and foot fetish. Face-down/ass-up side-by-side, Aubrey and Kenzie kiss, and Ricky's sperm slathers Aubrey's rear. TS star Chelsea Marie and Pierce join Aubrey in "Squirt Gun Three-Way," directed by "I Am Aubrey" Executive Producer and friend of the trans community Aiden Starr. The busty T-girls shoot lube from dick-and-balls-shaped squirt guns. Action includes a double-anal reaming as Aubrey impales herself on Pierce and Chelsea's boners at the same time! Messy cum splashes Aubrey's big tits. With Pierce's rod in her mouth, Aubrey masturbates to climax. The documentary ends with Aubrey confronting the dilemma of her life: whether or not to have surgery and complete her transition. She explains that the surgery would help her to lead a normal life, but she fears that without her "money maker," she might have no career. Aubrey feels a closeness with the people of the XXX industry, and she concludes that in porn, "I'm a Barbie all the time. I don't need to just be hidden in my room, you know?"

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