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Written and directed by Billy Visual, “Blindsided” is a Digital Playground feature starring only two women, but since they’re firecrackers Abigail Mac and Alina Lopez, it works out quite well. Our story follows the trials and tribulations of a blind woman/widower, played by Mac, whose home is broken into by a kinky couple, Lopez and Zac Wild.

Even though it takes 13 minutes for the fucking to begin, it’s well worth the wait, since Lopez is such a perfect porn specimen, here getting heartily pumped — in mouth and muff — by Wild. Wanting to have sex in a stranger’s home, Wild and Lopez bust into Mac’s pad when she’s out visiting the grave of her husband, who was a police detective. Wild finds the dead husband’s handcuffs and puts them on a more-than-willing Lopez. As usual, Lopez’s blowjob is superlative, with plenty of stringers. And thankfully the sex is on an honest-to-goodness bed (a big one) and not against a kitchen counter. Lopez is terrific during cowgirl, with her world-class ass wobbling everywhere. Her exquisite body is on full display during reverse-cowgirl, while doggie is outstanding with those perfect all-natural tits jiggling in unison to her juicy ass cheeks. Wild slams her hard — and for a good long time — before exploding his sperm all over her pretty, smiling face.

The only problem is that Mac, blinded in the car accident which killed her husband (Mac’s character is still not satisfied with the outcome of the investigation, which states that her husband was suffering from exhaustion when the tragedy occurred), arrives home before our carnal couple has left the premises. But they’re just as freaked out by Mac’s presence as she is by their unlawful entry, creating some engrossing tension. We soon get the impression that Wild’s character has wanted to do more than fuck in a stranger’s home, as he’s carrying a loaded gun and looks as if he’s planning to burglarize the joint, which Lopez wants no part of. Interestingly, Wild plays both Mac’s deceased husband, who we see in flashbacks, and the shady burglar.

While Lopez is hiding in the bathroom, the bad Wild and blind Mac have a bit of a showdown (Mac’s character was trained in how to fight by her cop husband) before she thinks, through the sense of touch, that this supposed dead ringer for her husband is, in fact, the real McCoy, leading to some intense licking and sticking ‘tween the two. Mac really knows how to gobble down dick; her deepthroat moments are long and nasty, with oodles of saliva, and it all occurs on a huge semi-circular sofa. So, there’s lots of room and comfort for fun. Wild soon penetrates her doggie-style, missionary, cowgirl (she really works it here, while enjoying a proper spanking), reverse-cowgirl, and spoon — at which point, Mac groans, “Do whatever the fuck you want to me!” He creams on her tongue, and she swallows quite a bit of it. So, what happens next? Does Mac find out who this burglar really is? Is he merely a splitting image of her husband? Is he an evil doppelganger? Let’s just say that after the truth is revealed, a torrid girl-girler ensues between Mac and Lopez.

Mac and Lopez start off by taking a shower together, then begin kissing, winding up in the bedroom to passionately finish what they started. Seeing Lopez lick Mac’s bent-over asshole is pretty fab, while it’s a joy seeing Mac’s mouth clamp onto Lopez’s clam like a suction cup when Mac is reclined on her back. There is also some pussy-on-pussy rubbing, before Lopez sits on Mac’s face. And I’m thrilled that there’s neither a vibe nor dildo in sight. It’s all fingers, pussies and mouths. Good show, ladies!

“Blindsided” is definitely a movie for couples in that the plot is engaging (despite a few major holes in the story), the characters are believable, and the sex — particularly the boy-girl episodes with Lopez and Mac getting Zac-hammered — is steamy but not too over-the-top.


A fatal car accident leaves Abigal Mac widowed and blind. Years after, she lives in isolation, forever mourning the loss of her husband. The mysterious circumstances surrounding her husband's death, however, will finally come to light when two strangers, Alina Lopex and Zac Wild. break into Abigail's home.

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