Axel Braun’s Going in Raw

Wicked Pictures
Axel Braun’s Going in Raw

For the first time in 17 years, Wicked Pictures is unleashing sexual fantasies in their most natural form: skin-to-skin and unencumbered. Raw.

For nearly 20 years, Wicked Pictures was the only major mainstream porn company that required condoms in all of their productions as a safety measure. “Raw” marks the first time since 2018 that Axel Braun has shot without condoms, and the wait is well worth it.

Paige Owens and Seth Gamble:

While this film marks an entirely new chapter in Wicked Pictures’ history, there are some things that never change. One of those is Braun’s penchant for picking the perfect musical accompaniment to introduce his sex scenes. Owens stands wild and free atop a boulder in a butte-filled countryside. The symbolism is clear, and the music tells the tale just as much as Owens’ smoldering gaze. When Gamble gets his hands on her, there’s a wantonness to their sex that is undeniable. She gags on his cock whorishly, and he treats her like a fuck toy whose sole purpose is to satisfy his depraved desires. He wastes little time plunging his shaft into her ass and pumping her like a piston, and even when he fucks her pussy, it’s clear that both he and Owens are just counting the moments until her tight asshole is filled again. Gamble drops his load on Owens’ face in incredibly naught fashion, and the way she just lounges on the couch while bathed in his seed is exactly as dirty as you want it to be.

Brooklyn Gray and Quinton James:

This scene opens with Gray and James chasing each other across dusty, desert steppes and around a chrome-laden fire engine. Again, the music is on point, as it establishes a strong couples vibe between the two performers. Combined with their playful smiles and energetic shenanigans, this scene smacks of youthful romance. After an excruciating tease, Gray grants James access to her sopping wet pussy and clenching asshole, and he doesn’t waste her invitation. After feasting on her succulent cunt, James goes straight for Gray’s ass, stuffing her to the brim and pounding orgasm after orgasm out of her. There’s some dirty ass-to-mouth action, and then, James finishes Gray in filthy style with a delicious vaginal and anal spoon that sees the nasty minx licking his load off her fingers like a fine appetizer.

Emma Hix and Nathan Bronson:

This is a beautiful opening that is enhanced by the lyrical relevance of the accompanying song. Bronson and Hix are on a photo shoot, with Bronson capturing some fantastic shots of Hix in the act of kayaking and posing on the shores of a bustling lakeside community. As their photo session comes to an end, the real fun begins! The performers show some impressive balance on that loveseat before Hix settles in for a masterful ride that includes both cowgirl and its reverse. The action is capped off by an aggressive piledriver, during which Bronson knocks Hix’s bottom out.

Evelyn Claire and Ramon Nomar:

The opening sequence here could honestly be a promo shot for a mainstream series with the impressive color palette and expansive drone shots. It’s also fitting that this film closes with the delicate and scrumptious Evelyn Claire considering she held the cover of Braun’s last project before taking nearly a year off due to the pandemic. She’s such an erotic being, and you can see it in the way she always opens herself to sex no matter what she’s doing. Note the way she raises her ass towards Nomar’s face and opens her legs so he can diddle her while she’s sucking his cock as an example. Her petite frame looks like it could easily be manhandled by the stout Nomar, but he’s gentle with her even as he pumps her aggressively. It’s honestly quite beautiful.

This film immortalizes a moment in porn history that deserves recognition as it marks not only a return to the past, but also, an acceptance of the present for Wicked Pictures. Braun once again captures the moment in grand style with gorgeous settings and perfect music.


Axel Braun is back with a vengeance!

After a 9-month hiatus, the most awarded director in history returns with his first non-condom movie in 8 years, and it's a scorcher! Featuring outstanding performances by a stellar cast, top-notch production value and two powerful anal scenes, Axel Braun's Going in Raw marks the start of a steamy 2021 for Braun and the beginning of an exciting new era for Wicked Pictures!

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