Dr. Wood

Dr. Wood

Longtime fan-favorite Reese Rideout made a welcome, if entirely unexpected, return to blue movies with this brisk, three-scene comic romp wherein Michael Boston really stretches credulity by expressing to “Dr. Wood” that he has trouble getting men into the sack and closing the deal.

Rideout still looks terrific, fit and tanned, with his rakish charm and comic chops fully evident. He brings in a sex surrogate, played by beefy, square-jawed stud Collin Simpson, to help familiarize Boston with the male form.

Simpson is mostly a compliant bottom as he submits to Rideout’s experienced hands, tongue and cock and groans pleasurably; at one point, he does build up a sudden head of steam and pushes back aggressively onto Rideout’s boner.

Boston returns with more tales of woe and the good doctor once again brings in Simpson, who skillfully and obediently services Boston and rides his cock on the doctor’s couch. Simpson takes a more active role as a top; although Boston gasps with enjoyment as his eyes roll back into head, Dr. Wood comes to the eminently logical conclusion that Boston – whose plush ass is a national treasure – is a bottom.

The third and final hookup finds Boston agreeing to bottom for both Simpson and Rideout to see if he can unleash his inner sex beast. Rideout ably carries off amusing dialogue (and appears to improv some of it); his dry wit, relaxed demeanor and smooth baritone are quite appealing.

Boston and Simpson strip down for a bout of oral interplay as Rideout guides them; the power-bottom-to-be is then fucked across his doctor’s desk, held in midair to be penetrated, enjoys a spit-roast and an Eiffel Tower and bounces back and forth between them as they paddle and smack his globes – and even ably submits to a double-penetration as he explores his true calling.


MEN.com presents Dr. Wood, 100% bareback, featuring Reese Rideout, Michael Boston, and Collin Simpson.

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