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Sleepless Nights

Written, produced and directed by porn vixen Lena Paul, who also stars as a nymphomaniac/insomniac wedding planner in the movie, “Sleepless Nights” is one truly entertaining and way horny Digital Playground feature.

The first scene hits the ground running as Lena, venturing to a rave club, finds a guy to her taste and quickly begins blowin’ him at a more private section of the joint, before his girlfriend busts in on ‘em; then, however, Lena runs into Xander Corvus, who makes her very happy, indeed, with a raging suck and fuck at her loft/apartment. One of the better moments in this tete-a-tete is an upside-down blowjob that’s loud and gnarly.

Check out, by the way, Lena’s amazing spaghetti strap ‘stockings’ and high heels, making her look all the sluttier. Standing doggie/spoon/missionary really show off her choice cheeks, while missionary wonderfully displays her gorgeous tits (possibly the best in the biz); with your more standard form of spoon on the bed being particularly fantastic, especially with her hornily mumbling sweet nothings as she’s pounded, just before her pretty face is coated in Corvus cream.

Demi Sutra plays a character who’s sexually confused, getting advice from a therapist — played by Abigail Mac — with the latter seducing Sutra right there in her office (appropriately enough, on the couch), with the best moments being when Mac tongue-lashes/seriously sucks Sutra’s slit missionary style; when Mac sits on Sutra’s face and Demi really chows down; and when Mac bends over and lets Demi worship her sweet, sloshy pussy and tight little asshole in-between finger-fucking her.

During Lena’s one-woman show at a “play party event” called Sleepless (with no more than about five attractive couples ogling from their separate tables), our moonlighting wedding planner is sticking a dildo up her ass, after which she’s joined on stage by Alex Jones and Codey Steele, and not too much later, a very sizzling-looking Abigail Mac, all in all making for one scorching foursome. The double-suck delivered by Paul kicks ass, as well as the doggie double penetration (a true movie highlight); Mac soon taking to the stage, at which point the boys recede a bit, with Paul eating Abbie’s muff, before the lads reappear, each taking a lady for himself, though they do swap eventually.

Paul gets heatedly doggied by Steele, while Mac is mish-missiled by Jones; then Paul and Mac switch positions. It’s totally dick-hardening watching lusty Lena get drunk from her fucking, just as it is watching Mac get ass-fucked doggie style. Paul just digs getting doggied, period, as Jones majorly pounds her from behind, which includes some great ass-cheek-jiggling action.

The more of this feature we view, the more learn about Paul, and that it’s she who’s organizing and running the sex shows at the fancy club, ultimately getting down with the owner of the property, played by Stirling Cooper, who gets a cut of the action, in more ways than one; while we also find that the only way Paul’s character is able to sleep is if she gets fucked. “The wilder the exploits,” she trampishly admits to Stirling, “the deeper I sleep.” Stirling charitably offers to help her crash by … “sleeping” with her, leading to one apocalyptic lick-and-stick scene.

After a loud, noisy deepthroat, Paul offers up some standing spoon (love her facial expressions of intense lust), then some traditional spoon (she loses it at this point), the second round even nastier, though her missionary pounding lets you enjoy those tits flowing everywhere. Squatting cowgirl magically highlights that perfect Paul derriere, leading to Stirling splooging onto her face, which Paul finds finger-licking good. Stirling, by the way, plays a pretty likeable guy, making this highly arousing scene all the better.

“Sleepless Nights” is a solid feature, well-directed by Ms. Paul and superbly performed by all cast members, especially Paul herself, who’s always a joy to behold. I just didn’t realize she was such a talented filmmaker. By the way, this one’s definitely a winner for both newbie (as in couples) and hardcore viewers. Good show, Leen!


Over the course of one sexually awakening weekend, we follow a group of three women: a seemingly subdued wedding planner with a wild side (Lena Paul), a young woman struggling with her sexuality (Demi Sutra), and a sex therapist going through a dry spell (Abigail Mac). While they each deal with the personal issues that inhibit their unhappiness, their lives collide during their search for a resolution.

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