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Four foxes (all of ‘em looking outstanding in their own separate ways) get off during their individually potent Porn Pros performances, with “Multi-Orgasmic” effect.

We begin with one of my favorite young ladies in XXX, the great Eliza Ibarra (whose tits and ass alone make her a class act, though her face is equally delicious — as is her filthy attitude!). Eliza never ceases to amaze me in terms of how she deftly grinds her body when getting plugged. And that smile of hers is so infectious! She has a slinky yet similarly succulent figure, making her all the more unique. After she gets off with a remotely controlled vibrator (manipulated by some guy off-screen; which occurs in every scene), Eliza receives the real deal, although the vibe is still in her twat while she’s sucking dick. Cowgirl is out of this world, as Liza humps and grinds that marvelously floppy ass; while doggie is similarly choice, as she’s able to fuck that cock all by herself, before the dude frosts her fab face. Love ya, Liza!

With another special-looking face, reminding me very much of a porn chick from the Seventies, Roxy Ryder (her name is even kinda retro) is a sweet pixie who also gets the remote vibe treatment, eventually moving from beside a desolate private pool to an indoor bed, where she vibes herself (check out that washboard stomach!), leading to a fine deepthroat without hands; Roxy’s best positions being reverse-cowgirl (what a tight bod!), during which she announces her orgasm and doggie (what a fun, round rump on her!), with Rox getting seriously hammered during missionary and squealing big time, before the dude himself gets off, unleashing penis paste all over her sexy-as-fuck face.

Kenna James’ scene is way-horny, starting off with a guy fingering her as she’s in the passenger seat of a moving car; the dude getting her off with the ol’ remotely controlled vibe; the two eventually getting home, hunkering down inside a bedroom, with Kenna soon receiving the actual thing, beginning with a slow and focused blowjob, then some pussy-eating (which she adores); doggie being one of the best positions, what with Kenna’s incredible little, though curiously pear-shaped, butt; although cowgirl is just as great, as Kenna does all of the work with her superior booty. Our girl seems to truly get off during reverse-cowgirl, before getting our stud gets off with a no-hands suck-off, that’s one of the best in the movie, in that it just keeps going and going, with Kenna working her mouth like there’s no tomorrow. Good girl!

The very beautiful Aliya Brynn is so alluring, even the breathless way she talks, getting the remote-vibe treatment in a car (not mobile this time); the pair going into a restaurant and activating the vibe (of course, she’s fully dressed), but she manages to maintain her composure (barely!), though her mouth is frequently agape as her eyes roll into the back of her pretty little skull; our kinky couple eventually making it back home, Aliya giving one hellacious bj and crying with ecstasy during cunnilingus, missionary and doggie, though she works her pussy marvelously during cowgirl, with the pud-for-hire getting off himself after she groans, “I want you to spurt your hot cum all over me” and “fertilize my fucking face,” which he happily does, much to her similar delight. That spectacular face on Aliya was meant to be splooged, lemme tell ya. “Thank you for your cum, daddy,” she beams. “It’s so fucking good.” You, too, Aliya baby!

A provocative gonzo, indeed — what with that remote vibe appearing in every scene— with each girl looking truly tasty and acting oh so insatiable in the sack as she comes on-camera, multiple times. Absolutely worth a look.


Four foxes get off during their individually potent Porn Pros performances, with “Multi-Orgasmic” effect.

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