The Pulse

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The Pulse

Silly though sexy-as-fuck shenanigans taking place in a hospital, make this series from Digital Playground funny and frothy; with amazing cougar Alyssa Reece — just as good an actress as she is a superslut — seriously delivering one passionate performance in this entertaining entry’s final episode.

Jay Snake — playing a competing surgeon with gifted surgeon Danny D (the movie’s male star), with these two egomaniacs frequently, hilariously insultingly and, literally, attacking one another — first gets down and dirty with big-lipped nurse Alessandra Jane (reminding me of a young, bustier Britt Ekland), who really wails in the cowgirl position (both sitting and, when Snake hoists her up, “hovering”) and doggie (what with that fantastic fanny of Jane’s stickin’ way up in the air), the latter as Snake slams Jane atop a desk, before he slimes Sandy’s chin with spermatozoa, which nastily cascades down her ample chest. Mama!

Blonde Brooklyn Blue and brunette Alyssia Kent do one sizzling girl-girler in the doctor’s “locker room,” just for poor, underappreciated, browbeaten Dr. Danny, who (once he realizes Dr. Snake has put the women up to it to make him late for surgery) skedaddles out the door, leaving the ladies to lap up one another; Kent being particularly fantastic with natural tits, killer ass and pretty-as-fuck face and really shining when Blue rims the bent-over Kent, as well as when Kent eats Brooklyn during missionary. Lots of dildo usage here, I should point out.

And we finally get the big one, as older-and-bolder Alyssa Reece gets way physical with Danny D. After Dr. Reece puts a halt to the scalpel duel ‘tween rivals Danny D and Snake, she immediately fires Danny … or does she? Actually, Danny (won’t tell you how) saves the day, and gets rewarded with the lips (facial and vaginal) on Reece, who sucks a mean prick, lemme tell ya — loud, slurpy, choking, wet — before she starts ecstatically screaming while Danny eats her undoubtedly sopping pussy. Loads of much-appreciated eye contact from the carnally crazed Reece during hammering missionary (I’m surprised Danny doesn’t break her neck — or the table they’re fucking on — seeing as both he and Reece are so damn animated!); while spoon is quite the sight for sore eyes (and blue balls) thanks to Reeces’ fine fanny, which Danny soon really pulls apart during impassioned cowgirl; after which he blows his load right onto Alyssa’s pretty mouth (and eyes, and nose, and forehead, and chin), with Reece appearing as if she’s in some kinda heaven. Yep, it’s a winner.

“The Pulse” is both pleasantly comical and satisfyingly carnal, with all of the lusty ladies featured putting in good performances, especially Ms. Reece; while both Danny D (who co-directs with Dick Bush) and Jay Snake are equally funny as self-important, competing, absurd surgeons. Definitely worth a look.


North Star General Hospital has a reputation. No, not for the impeccable rooms, or the state-of-the-art medical tools. NSGH has gained so much praise on account of their superstar head surgeon Rick Novak (Danny D) - a famously unconventional doctor poet who's running from a dark past. Yes, Novak is the king - nurses want him and doctors want to be him. However, his cusioned lifestyle is about to get shaken up by a young, hotshot looking to dethrone him.

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