This porn mini-series is basically a horror story about ghosts and demons, while it’s also gloriously filled to the brim with gorgeous young women who like to chow down on, well, other gorgeous women. And, if you like Kristen Scott, you’re in luck, because she’s in every scene, playing a paranormal investigator looking into satanic possessions. It all makes for passionate XXX lipstick-lesbian porn, care of the good pervs over at

First up, Kristen gets down and dirty with the possessed Adriana Chechik in one of the feature’s most intense scenes. At the behest of Chechik’s roommate (played by the tasty Naomi Swann), Kristen arrives at a lavish-looking house, located in a desolate rural area to, ultimately, perform an exorcism. Scott is highly skeptical of the whole thing, until she actually meets Chechik, who is writhing, panting, grunting, cackling and hissing in her bed, with her hands bound together, with inhuman-sounding words emitting from her mouth. Kristen soon becomes a believer, fully acknowledging that Chechik — her eyes blood-red — is fully possessed by Satan. To add some spice to the twisted proceedings, Adriana is seen floating over her bed (good special effect) and maniacally spinning and twisting (another neat effect) as she insanely laughs.

Scott douses the insane Chech with holy water and reads prayers, with Adriana soon enacting the “sins of the flesh” with Scott, in one fiery sequence of girl-girl sex. The scene is atmospherically lit with a purple lighting gel, making it all the more dangerously sensual, with one of the best moments being when Scott clamps her mouth on Chechik’s upturned anus for a long, long time; Adriana more than happy to return the anus-eating favor. Lots of ultra-amped-up energy here from both ladies, with Adriana ultimately squirting herself silly.

It would seem as if Riley Reid, an enemy of Adriana’s, is the one pulling the demonic strings here, causing all of the movie’s paranormal chaos, as Naomi Swann soon explains to Kristen; with both Swann and Scott getting it on in scene two. That is, we see Riley stabbing a voodoo doll of Swann, who’s screeching in pain, before the pain passes; Reid next rubbing between the doll’s legs, causing Swann to get horny beyond her wildest dreams and seduce Scott. Two great moments here are when each girl has her legs nearly pulled behind her head as the other one buries tongue in twat — and anus! It’s also marvy seeing Swann lap up labia underneath Scott as the two perform some scalding 69.

When Kristen goes home, her roommate, played by Alina Lopez (another off-the-scale babe), complains that their house is haunted by a ghost, leading, of course, to another apocalyptic lesbo tryst. The bizarre, ghostly activity is, actually, caused, once again, by the evil Ms. Reid and her hotter-than-hell (in more ways than one) assistant, played by the always-outstanding Emily Willis. In the ladies’ now-haunted house, we see a naked female spirit creepily parading around, before Scott uses more prayers and banishes the evil spirit. But just when we think things are going well, Lopez becomes a possessed red-eyed freak herself (thanks again to the vindictive Reid), having wild sex with Scott. It’s wonderful seeing Alina’s eyes roll into the back of her skull as she sits on Kristen’s face and Scott sucks and sucks on that fine Lopez labia. It’s also incredible seeing the crazed Lopez tongue-fucking Scott’s sphincter, causing Kristen to feverishly quiver and shake with orgasms. vAnd we end with a showdown between Kristin and both the evil Reid and her vixen assistant Emily Willis, that’s quite the ménage a trois. Riley and Em, by the way, look fantastic, with the very pretty Ms. Scott doing wonders to compliment them — and vice versa! This time, we have an outdoor threesome, somewhere in a clearing in a desert-looking setting, with Willis really showing what a superb slut she is, sucking and getting sucked like there’s no tomorrow. It’s fantastic, too, when Kristen is bent over and both Riley and Em share each of Scott’s holes. Wow! It’s soon dark with plenty of ass-worshipping and face-sitting goin’ all around. And, yes, both Riley and Kristen similarly share the holes on the bent-over Emily. Incredible scene, skillfully shot, too.

Fully equipped with engaging storyline, good acting, fine special effects, excellent videography, moody lighting and, best of all, scalding girl-girl sex, “Paranormal” is a first-class lipstick-lesbo venture that’s perfect for fans of the genre and curious viewers, who’ll undoubtedly become aficionados of lady-on-lady feasting soon enough.


When witches Riley & Emily start terrorizing their classmates, student/paranormal investigator Kristen Scott is call in to stop them. Armed with a cross, holy water, and a circle of salt, Kristen tries to take on the demons that the witches summon but struggles. To put an end to it, she's going to have to go into the witches den, but what will it take to stop them?

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