Lesbian Reluctance

Lesbian Reluctance

These highly arousing girl-girl hookups from GirlGirl.com feature some of porn’s most intense babes, including Paige Owens, Gina Valentina and Alina Lopez, amongst other choice XXX specimens, with a little storyline per lady-eating episode to make things all the hornier.

Paige Owens (love her!), while studying at the on-screen home of fellow student Kenna James, convinces James to try a little salmon, with tons of sexy kissing and Paige, being the aggressor, really chowing down passionately during missionary and 69, as well as voraciously eating the fine butthole on Kenna’s fine ass when James is bent over — and for a good long time! Love that Paige! Thank goodness Kenna returns the flavor, with a little titillating “reluctance” (hence the movie’s title); Paige moaning to James about her own ready asshole, “Don’t be afraid to get in there … get it nice and wet.” I wanna marry Owens! Simple as that!

Next, tatted and gorgeous as hell Gina Valentina is pissed that her stepsister, played by Kristen Scott, is a dyke-slut, with a lotta of her fellow students thinking she (meaning Gina) is also a slut by association, with Gina catching Kristen in the middle of a lipstick lesbo tryst, kicking Kristen’s little lap doggie out of the house, and Gina ultimately using reverse psychology on snatch slurper Scott by going down on her; highlights being Gina bending Kristen over and teasing her twat and anus with Valentina’s liquidy tongue before she devours both holes; and Gina, being the dominant one here, making horny Kristen eat her to the hilt during missionary. Amazing. Gina’s the best! And when you get a chance, don’t miss fantastic Valentina with a cock in her mouth, or muff, or anus!

Gorgeous-as-ever Alina Lopez plays a somewhat straight-laced photographer, getting a distressed call from her mother, telling Alina how concerned she is about her stepsister, who’s been gone for days; Alina — showing that she’s a pretty darn good actress — goes out to find sis, played by Alex De La Flor — also a good actress — portraying an extraordinarily cute little brown-haired druggie/tramp living on the streets via “survival sex,” with Alina literally chasing her down near deserted train tracks, bringing Alex to her home, De La Flor ultimately blackmailing Lopez into sucking and getting sucked or going to jail on a trumped-up abuse charge; memorable moments here being the more submissive Alina getting her twat chowed down missionary style, then returning the favor to Alex; and, better still, each girl worshipping the other’s anus dry. And, hey, Alina is just so damn pretty, I can’t get enough of seeing her mouth firmly clamped onto vagina.

Lastly, we get a torrid threesome ‘tween major babe/white brunette Shyla Jennings, her luscious gal pal Cecilia Lion (and her marvelously wild hair), and always-welcome sexpot Ana Foxxx. The story involves Shyla meeting Cecilia’s bitchy stepsister, played by Foxxx, with Jennings wanting to make a good impression and doing whatever it takes to do so, including sucking sis snatch. My favorite section of this sizzling sequence is definitely seeing the juicy-as-hell Cecilia bent over, with Ana sucking her pussy from below and Shyla tongue-attacking Ceel’s anus from above. Wow!

From start to finish, “Lesbian Reluctance” is a winner, thanks to each of the four engaging storylines, the superb choice of superb-looking female talent, and decadent ladies who quite obviously adore getting down each other’s pants. Recommended!


Paige Owens and Kenna James are studying for a test together when they start talking about dating and possibly being bisexual. Paige is tired of these mixed signals she's getting from Kenna and decides to take action herself.

Gina Valentina is pissed that her step-sister Kristen Scott is becoming the school slut. It's ruining her reputation and she's determined to put a stop to it, but how?

While working, Alina Lopez gets a call from her mom saying that her little step-sister Alex is missing. Alina finds her and tries to convince her to go home but Alex is going to need a lot of convincing.

Cecilia Lion is taking her girlfriend Shyla to meet her step-sister but is worried Ana will be a bitch to her. Shyla's determined to make Ana like her and will do whatever it takes.

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