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Back in the Game

When a relationship ends, it can be difficult to let it go and open yourself to finding another one. Mike Quasar offers viewers four sexy tales about the struggles and pitfalls involved with moving on from the past and embracing a future that’s right in front of you.

This movie is an episodic feature encompassing four unrelated stories that share a common theme — the dangers of rebound relationships. There are a lot of very good acted moments in this movie that add a sense of realism to the stories being told.

I think one of the strengths of episodic features is the potential for the stories to expand. If the stories are compelling and the actors nail their parts, the audience can find themselves longing to see more stories in lives of those characters. We get that dynamic a couple of times in this movie and as Wicked moves forward with their increased emphasis on episodic content, it will be interesting to see if any of these stories or characters are revisited in future projects.

Whitney Wright and Derrick Pierce:

The first tale explores the difficulties of moving on from a long marriage with the added challenge of a significant age difference thrown into the mix. Derrick’s 20-year marriage has come to an end, and he’s found himself in a new relationship with Whitney, who is much younger than he. I love the fact that the narration is from Derrick’s point of view because it’s not often that the male perspective is explored in porn stories. Derrick is excited about his relationship with Whitney, but he’s also very confused by it and deep down, he knows the deck is stacked against them.

One day, Whitney comes to him with her own concerns about whether or not he’s truly over his wife (the divorce isn’t final), how their own relationship will navigate the fact that Derrick and his wife share a child, and her fears that he’s only with her because he misses the emotional comfort of having someone in his life after living that reality for so long. It’s a pretty vulnerable moment from Whitney, the meek way in which she asks Derrick if they can talk is a perfect microcosm of what she’s feeling, and she conveys her sentiments in a very strong manner. A reassurance from Derrick leads to some very passionate sex on a soft, suede, sectional couch.

Derrick Pierce is a very intimate performer. Watch the way he keeps his hand busy on Whitney’s torso while he’s licking her pussy, and the loving way he rakes her back when he’s inside her from behind (you can see the slight red marks on her pale skin); he takes care to stimulate Whitney’s whole body rather than just her genitals and it makes the sex feel much more personal. Cowgirl can be really visually stimulating depending on the angle captured, and here, Quasar nails it; Whitney looks absolutely gorgeous. Their closing kiss is a perfect, feel-good cap to their reconciliation.

Kira Noir and Seth Gamble:

Again, the focus in this story is from the male point of view as Seth recounts his whirlwind relationship with Kira. She makes him feel amazing and he even goes as far as likening their relationship to finding a winning lottery ticket. There are some beautiful expositional shots during the narration, one in particular focusing on Seth and Kira scaling a small rock formation on a walking path as the sun shines down on them through the trees. What a gorgeous moment that was, and major kudos to Mike Quasar for capturing it.

Seth’s only hang-up with his relationship with Kira is her seeming obsession with selfies, particularly her tendency to snap pics of their intimate moments and post them online. The longer Seth is with Kira, the more he begins to feel there might be something more to her tenaciousness when it comes to her social media platforms. After a bit of digging, he lands on the idea that Kira may not be over her ex-boyfriend Lee, and her relentless posting of their relationship online may be an unconscious ploy to make him jealous. This is a nice little story that feels very relevant to the social climate of today. It is not uncommon to see people posting selfie after selfie of seemingly every moment spent with their significant others and this was a very realistic way to incorporate that reality into a story about rebound relationships.

Kira is such a hardbody and watching the curves and creases of her body ripple as she bounces on Seth’s cock is really sexy, as is the spectacular side face-to-face missionary! Oh what an intimate position this is; it allows the lovers to gaze into each others’ eyes and wrap their arms around each other while still giving the audience a birds-eye view of Kira’s scrumptious ass. I also loved the way Kira’s body blended into the couch; it created a really stunning visual contrast between her and Seth that was just beautiful.

Bella Rolland and Lucas Frost:

This story is told from the woman’s point of view, and it too is about dating on the rebound. Bella is crushed and enraged when her boyfriend breaks up with her to give his relationship with his ex another shot. A psychology major, Bella laments her failure to see how her relationship with her boyfriend was a classic rebound situation that was destined to fail from the start. He told her he loved her way too soon, but she was so excited by the honeymoon phase, she missed it. Eventually, Bella hooks up with a friend of a friend and their spark ignites into a wild fire that consumes Bella completely.

A moment of passion leads to a Freudian slip on Bella’s part, and she suddenly finds herself on the opposite side of a familiar situation. Bella is a beautiful woman with a spectacular body. What wonderful, natural tits she’s got! What a fantastic ass she’s got! Holy cow this woman is incredibly sexy and should be cast in as many projects as possible! I loved the way Lucas didn’t go right for Bella’s pussy to start; he takes his time kissing her inner thighs and stomach as foreplay. Also, holy cow her ass looks wonderful when she’s riding! That jiggle will horn the audience right up!

Maya Kendrick and Tommy Pistol:

We close with Maya simultaneously narrating her sad story to both the audience, and Tommy. She’s coming off a breakup with a boyfriend who was recently divorced from his wife of seven years, despite Tommy’s advice to avoid such a potentially volatile situation. The former husband fell madly in love with Maya two months into their affair, then, according to Tommy, the doomed couple spent the next six months trying to figure out how to get out of the relationship.

Now, it’s Maya who is longing for a connection to fill the new void in her life, and her old reliable friend Tommy is just what the doctor ordered. Tommy, who knows exactly what’s going on, decides (against his better judgment) to be another one of Maya’s poor decisions. I liked the underlying tension between Tommy and Maya here. Tommy is the supportive friend who is always there to help Maya pick up the pieces of her life, but there’s a hint that he has been pining for Maya for years. That would certainly lend an additional layer of complexity to his decision to sleep with her, but Quasar opts to leave that possibility ambiguous. I really enjoyed the dark/light contrast of the lighting in this scene.

There’s plenty of light coming through the blinds, but the background wall of the room is shrouded in darkness which creates some great shadows across Maya and Tommy’s bodies. There’s a frantic tint to Tommy’s demeanor as he fucks Maya, like he’s been waiting for this for a long time, while Maya feels more like a woman who is basking in the physical satisfaction of sex. I really thought the difference between the way Tommy and Maya appeared to feel about the sex was intriguing, but still very stimulating. For example, the missionary is fantastic!

There are some really good performances in this movie, and Mike Quasar does a nice job keeping the four tales grounded in the theme. This episodic feature is a bit more polished than his previous effort at this style, and the pacing felt natural across the board. I didn’t think any of the four stories was narratively rushed, and I enjoyed the sex.

Bella Rolland is awesome and if she can put together some solid acting performances that catch some eyes, she could find some nice success in features. Kira Noir is excellent (she’s a very underrated actor) and she looks so good when she’s having sex. I’m excited anytime I see a film with her name on the cast list. Whitney Wright is very genuine and delivers the strongest individual performance in the movie, while Maya and Tommy deliver the strongest performance as a pair.


Relationships can sometimes burn bright but then the fire goes out without warning leaving you cold and lonely. It's sometimes called a "rebound romance" but for this all-star cast, getting back in the game is the key to healing a broken heart.

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