Step Daddy’s Basement
Step Daddy’s Basement

All three gents ably acquit themselves in this brisk three-scene, hourlong showcase for gruff “daddy” Tristan Jaxx as he teaches a couple of naughty pups how to properly behave in his BDSM dungeon. MVP honors to affable stud Paul Canon, whose charm and sexual eagerness is real pleasure.

Canon is boy-next-door cute with hair that flops down over his eyes, a smooth, lightly inked soccer player’s physique and buckets of natural charisma. He’s heard rumors about the sex dungeon belonging to the stepfather of his buddy, Jack Hunter, and talks him into exploring it. Naturally, they’re caught; Hunter beats a hasty retreat, leaving Canon to receive hurts-so-good punishment.

Direction and staging is fairly standard; what’s notable is how Canon utterly melts when Jaxx begins to tease and edge the studpup, working his nipples, ordering Canon to assume the position to deep-throat his cock and more. Canon remembers to stay in character but can’t hide how much he’s enjoying himself.

Hunter eventually returns to find out what happened to his buddy. He’s tall and slender with arresting blue eyes, model-handsome features and a plus-sized cock. Hunter also appears twice; first, he receives his own punishment at the hands of his “stepdaddy” — largely paddling and being aggressively ordered around — and then submits to a spit-roast from Jaxx and Canon, who has now been sexually transformed into an alpha-top (well, maybe the beta-top). Again, Canon steals the show with dirty talk and a bit of swagger. He’s in heaven, again, as he orders Hunter to service him.

Overall, the BDSM is served up light. On the fetish side, all three men briefly smoke cigarettes. Jaxx is a handsomely salt-and-pepper dungeon “daddy” who wields his own thick python like a pro. Hunter is a compliant sub, while Canon’s charisma is a treat.


Come and see what goes on in this basement! You'll find stepdaddy's favorite indulgence!

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