Finding Rebecca

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Finding Rebecca

Unsatisfied trophy wife Rebecca (Avi Love) awakens from a terrible car accident with no memory of her past life or the people in it, including her husband Matt (Brad Armstrong) and her friends Ann (Karla Kush) and Jack (Jake Adams). Stuck in a perpetual loop of confusion and frustration, and surrounded by strangers who claim to know her, Rebecca’s only comfort comes from her therapy nurse Lisa (Jayden Cole), who shows her genuine kindness and patience. Will Rebecca ever remember who she truly is and reclaim her life? Perhaps the bigger question is, will she even want to?

Wicked Pictures has found a gem of a director in Holly Randall and they know it. “Finding Rebecca” is Randall’s fourth feature for the studio in 2019 and with each project, she strengthens the idea that Wicked should continue its epic collaboration with such a fantastic creative. Randall executes a solid tale of mystery and intrigue with a great discovery element that draws the audience in. Watching Rebecca put the pieces of her past back together is a fun exercise and the fact that sex is incorporated into the journey is an added bonus. The box cover is also wonderful and more features would do well to take the time to make their box covers similarly compelling because it is so critical to getting the audience invested in the movie.

A truly standout performance comes from Cole, who has a very natural demeanor. Her line delivery and facial expressions have the right amount of emotion behind them and whenever she’s onscreen she really sucks the viewer into her presence. Kush has a fairly small role, but she does some really good work as well. The story itself has plenty of dramatic twists and surprise reveals and I thought Randall did a good job of creating characters who weren’t wholly bad or good, but rather, complicated. Every character in this movie is dynamic and giving characters depth in porn features is what makes the sex in them so exciting. Without the character’s story and motivation, the sex is less impactful.

Speaking of the sex, it is passionate and sensual and there are some pretty strong performances in the film in that regard. Adams and Kush hook up in a scene that is quite relatable. As old flames, their connection is clear, but I like the tension that exists between them, reminding everyone that their relationship can’t exist like this as the story moves forward. It’s a complicated situation that ends up with a “we probably shouldn’t, but fuck it” resolution. Karla is so cute and I really like watching her perform. She can deepthroat with the best of them and there is something about watching her ride a dick that is very satisfying. Her tendency to whine in ecstasy adds a naughty element to her scenes and this encounter is no different. Also, what amazing nipples she’s got! I would be remiss if I didn’t mention just how completely overjoyed Jake Adams looks as he’s fucking Karla. He’s got that “oh my God I can’t believe this is happening, this is better than I could ever have imagined” expression on his face, shared by every guy whose ever gotten a girl in bed that seems so out of reach.

Armstrong and Chase share a naughty affair in Brad’s office that is quite nice. Vicki is so very pretty and Brad handles her like a pro. The visual of Vicki bent over his desk clad in nothing but sexy lingerie and his tie, while a partially suited Brad stuffs her from behind is straight out of a “Red Shoe Diaries” episode. It’s not uncommon in porn, but it’s still awesome. The story detail of them ignoring the incessantly ringing phone was a nice touch because like the two office deviants, the audience doesn’t give a damn who’s calling, we just want to see Vicki getting plowed.

In an attempt to rekindle her lost memories, and have a little fun in the process, Rebecca calls Jack for a hook-up. The highlight of this scene is the doggie and Avi gets really into it for a few precious moments. My goodness that woman can roll her hips with the best of them and I only wish she’d gotten time to do it longer here because wow was it impressive. There are also some very sexy shots of Avi’s asshole as Adams fucks her from behind and boy do those shots amp up the horn factor!

The sex culminates with Rebecca and Lisa finally giving in to their impulses and embracing the sexual tension that’s been building between them. Jayden Cole looks so good here! Throughout the movie, she’s a subtle vision, and when the film finally rewards the audience’s patience with Jayden having sex, it is so worth it. Watch the way she handles Avi’s body with such care and lust; it’s so sexy. I also really loved the visual capture of Avi laying on the couch eating Jayden’s pussy from behind. Holly let the camera linger on their bodies from afar, allowing the viewer to take the entire scene in which was great. Seriously, they could have been a painting at that point. I am also a big fan of face-sitting (which surprisingly isn’t that common in the porn I consume) and watching Avi grind her pussy on Jayden’s face was freaking fantastic.

I enjoyed this movie for its mysterious plot details, but I was really taken by Jayden Cole’s performance. Something about her just worked for me here and I found myself drawn to her each time she was onscreen, including her sex scene, which I thought was the best in the movie. The visual eroticism in that scene alone makes this movie worth checking out and I certainly hope the folks at Wicked have plans to bring Cole back for more in 2020. I watched this movie on


An accident. A chance to change. Meet Rebecca, a beautiful trophy wife drowning in the vapid lifestyle of the rich, bored and unhappy. When her sadness drives her over the edge of a cliff, she's left concussed and confused, not remembering the life she so desperately longed to escape from. But with every near-death tragedy lies the potential for transformation. When a sexy red-headed nurse triggers her hidden desires, she starts to wonder if it's even worth the battle to regain her memory, the memory of a person she doesn't really want to be: a woman with a cheating husband; a woman who she finds has been cheating herself. But will Rebecca see this as an opportunity to create the life she's always wanted? Or will she submit to a life of material wealth and a loveless marriage?

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