Tech wizard Tommy (Pistol) has developed a revolutionary dating algorithm, and working with his best friend and business partner Lena (Alexis Fawx), developed a successful dating app called Connexus. With business booming, suddenly everyone seems interested in Tommy, including his old college flame Joanna Angelo (India Summer), Paul Francis (Van Wylde), CEO of a rival company, and his partner Alicia Warner (Taylor). With Tommy being pulled in multiple directions, he must figure out the difference between what’s sensible and what makes him happy.

This is the second time Mike Quasar and Shawn Alff have collaborated on a Wicked Pictures project, this time as co-writers. This story has a lot of comedy elements to it (mostly from Pistol’s excellent execution of the nerdy, awkward character archetype) but the drama unfolding onscreen is also very interesting. While the outcome of this story is fairly predictable, the journey is still engaging and that’s a credit to the writing. Alexis Fawx shows some nice chemistry with Tommy Pistol and she does a pretty nice job running a gamut of emotions throughout the movie while Pistol is fantastic as always. He plays a role that I’ve never really seen him in, but he nails it due to his amazing versatility. Tommy’s vulnerability is the heart of the story.

Kenzie Taylor and India Summer both play effective foils for our hero, albeit in very different capacities and the dynamic they create with Pistol is well done. It was cool to see their stories intersecting with Tommy with different motivations and it was fun to watch Tommy try to navigate both of those influences while Fawx watched from the sidelines. She effectively is the audience’s perspective and that was a cool trick of the writing that I quite liked. This feature is a little shorter on sex scenes than Wicked fans are likely accustomed to, but it never feels like the movie suffers or is light on content.

The film starts off with a simple hook-up scene between Paul and Karla Kush, who match with each other on the Connexus app and take their date back to Paul’s place. Karla is very pretty and she really gets into sex. I really liked the way Van Wylde handled Karla in this scene. There is something very sexy about seeing a woman get folded up and pounded and this scene has plenty of it. I particularly enjoyed the missionary where Wylde rolled Kush’s legs to the side and laid on top of her as he thrusted into her pussy. It was passionate and naughty at the same time. I also really liked the way Karla pushed her hips into Van’s pelvis during almost every position. It made for some really deep penetration that was super hot.

Kenzie Taylor uses her feminine wiles to snare Ryan Mclane into a business deal with the audience luckily getting to watch the entire “negotiation” unfold. Ryan Mclane has some of the best stamina among male performers working today and its always a joy to watch him work a woman over. He really tears Kenzie up here both in doggie (wow Kenzie’s ass looked great in that position) and during cowgirl where Kenzie holds herself steady so Ryan can slam her from underneath. They look great together, especially during the short 69 which shows off both their impressive physiques.

India Summer is one of my favorite performers and I really enjoy watching her have sex. She is one of those performers who seems to succumb to her pleasure when she’s fucking, and I love how she can create tension through her dirty talk. It’s so much more than just her saying stuff like “fuck me harder daddy” or other canned expressions you hear so often in porn, she feels like she’s actually transforming the pleasure in her body into spoken words so that her partner can understand how wonderful she is feeling. It’s so impressive and sexy and I can’t say enough about it. Watch the way India rolls her hips when she mounts Tommy in cowgirl, it’s slow and sexy and you can almost feel what Tommy is feeling. When he flips her onto her back and starts to fuck her harder and faster, it feels genuine; like Tommy couldn’t handle the slow tease any longer and desperately needed to fuck her hard. And listen to India’s reaction to Tommy’s sudden dominance, it’s perfect. Also, the way she milks him dry at the end is so naughty! Great scene.

Fawx and Pistol cap off the sex with a playfully romantic session that fits their characters quite well. There’s a release of built-up tension between them, but it doesn’t manifest as an out of control explosion, but rather a slow burn that both parties intend to enjoy at their leisure. A perfect example is the way Alexis sucks Tommy off, you can hear in her moans how much she’s enjoying it and there is absolutely no rush to her actions. Alexis does take control at one point during cowgirl and just about sends Tommy to the moon with a couple of well-timed hip gyrations and Quasar captures to moment perfectly. The strength of the entire scene is the cowgirl, which went on for a long time but still seemed to fly by. Alexis looked fantastic on top of Tommy and I honestly think they may have had to change positions to keep Tommy from finishing right there.

“iLove” is a nice light feature with some solid acting performances and even better sexual ones. Tommy Pistol is really good here as the conflicted, vulnerable, awkward hero and everyone around him interacts with his character very well. It’s a movie that arouses the libido but also makes the viewer smile and that’s something that is really appealing in porn. It’s not always about showing the nastiest sex, sometimes it’s about getting folks horny while also making them feel good emotionally. I watched this movie on so I was not able to view any special features.


Tech nerd Tommy (Tommy Pistol) has created a revolutionary algorithm for connecting people and has enlisted his best friend and gaming partner Lina (Alexis Fawx) to be his business advisor. After the launch, the new app becomes even more successful than they could have imagined but soon nefarious f-rces emerge to take advantage of the naive coder and alienate him from his partner. Sex, lies and big tech collide in iLove.

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