Get Your Dick Outta My Son!
Get Your Dick Outta My Son!

This hilariously titled three-scene effort serves as a strong showcase for brawny blond beefcake Bruce Beckham. The only other male cast members are stalwart young bucks Michael Delray and Zander Lane.

Delray is long and lean with handsome, narrow features, sensual lips and a wry sense of humor. He’s perfectly suited to handle comedy. His mother and new stepfather (Beckham) are constantly, noisily banging and driving Delray up the wall with their moans and groans.

His mother leaves for work early one morning while stepdad is in the shower; Delray sneaks into their room, sniffs Beckham’s underwear and dives under the covers to hide when Beckham shows up with a towel around his waist, ready for morning sex. He’s startled when he finds his sexy stepson instead, but rolls with it. He greedily dives into Delray’s hole (which the younger stud appears to love), slurpily deep-throats his cock and throws a solid fuck into him, culminating in an intense orgasm splashed onto his face and tongue.

Lane is a slim, cute twink with blond curls. After hearing about Delray’s rapturous experience with his stepfather’s thick cock, he decides to gather first-hand experience. Lane spots Beckham bulging out of a tiny swimsuit and throws himself into the pool to catch the man’s attention. (“A boy in trouble!” Beckham hilariously exclaims.)

Lane shows his gratitude by sucking Beckham’s boner underwater and then moving indoors to the bedroom, where his submissive nature blossoms. Fans of older/younger guys paired together, as well as those who enjoy brawny musclemen banging slim younger dudes, ought to really get off on their sexplay. Lane is clearly in heaven as Beckham grabs his hair and dominates him. Once again, the assplay is particularly choice and Lane virtually quivers as Beckham cums inside him for a creampie.

Beckham learns he’s been manipulated and decides to teach the studpups a lesson in humility. Delray blows his stepdad in the car as they’re driving; Beckham pops open the door to embarrass his stepson as Lane stands on the curb. The latter jumps into the car and they steal off to the park for a threesome (Lane’s dialogue with a buddy in this sequence is funny.)

The younger guys eagerly share Beckham’s cock and they pull a train for “punishment” with Beckham fucking Delray as the latter tops Lane, who also enjoys a spit-roast from the other men. After they all climax — Delray coats Lane’s adorable features with a thick load, while Beckham cums in Delray’s mouth, which he promptly swaps with Lane — crafty stepdad speeds away with their clothes.


Athletic, boyish Michael Del Ray has been going crazy since his new stepdad, beefy Bruce Beckham, moved in. He can't get any kind of peace in the house since the newlyweds are constantly having loud sex. It does not get any better when he accidentally catches a peek of the handsome stud's massive, cut cock. Now all he can do is fantasize about it all day, and it won't get any better until he's being pumped full of it deep in his ass. Brown-haired Michael is left home alone with Bruce, and luckily for him horny Bruce is in a sharing kind of mood, and makes this lucky cutie's wet dream come true.

Adorable Zander Lane doesn't want to hear about his friend's sexy, hung stepdad, Bruce anymore because the fit bottom gets extra horny. Boyish Zander sneaks into the house so he can find the muscular hunk, and get a piece of his big dick to try for himself. He finds naked Bruce out back by the pool, and stages a fake drowning. As expected Bruce comes to his rescue, and soon the real fun begins when Zander rewards Bruce with his open mouth, and tight hole.

Boyish cutie Zander and athletic Michael are sharing details with each other about their experience with muscular, hung Bruce. Hunky Bruce happens to walk in on them, and eavesdrops on the conversation as they chuckle about how easy it was to manipulate him into fucking them. He comes up with a plan to show the twink bottoms who the real boss is, and he happily lets his massive cock do all the work.

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