He Loves Me in Collars and Cuffs 2

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He Loves Me in Collars and Cuffs 2

Mike Quasar offers a sexy follow-up to his popular BDSM title that includes a stellar cast. I often praise his ability to create a compelling narrative, but sometimes I think his eye for capturing erotic sex is underappreciated. This series of films really highlights the director’s ability to put two performers in a setting and tell a story through sex that stokes the libido.

I don’t know if it is intentional, but so often I find Quasar’s sex scenes to be visually stimulating on a variety of levels. Sexual positions look awesome in his movies, the colors of the settings always compliment the wardrobe of the performers perfectly and that slow, roving camera shot he likes often works seamlessly within the context of the scene to enhance the mood.

He’s also skilled at making sure his themed scenes stay on target. Here he is exploring the world of BDSM and every scene remembers that goal. There are a plethora of toys and the performers utilize a variety of techniques, which keeps the excitement high and the fantasy vibrant. In short, Mike Quasar is quite good at what he does.

Evelyn Claire and Seth Gamble:

This series has always had good music and this scene opens with a fantastic song that sets an erotic mood instantly. I love the way Evelyn’s dark stockings, black lace panties/bra and garter belt compliment her almond milky skin. The black leather studded collar (with leash) and matching cuffs completes her ensemble. The purple-washed bronze walls create an almost angelic background effect that draws the eye right to her as she sits like a vision on the bed waiting expectantly. Excellent storytelling to open the scene!

Gamble enters the room and begins to spank Evelyn about the ass with a tassel whip and paddle and she gasps in surprise and delight each time, leaving no doubt that she is in the submissive role here. At one point Seth peels Evelyn’s heels off and spanks her stockinged feet with the whip and paddle, which is something I’ve never seen before and I found it extremely sexy.

Another incredible visual occurs when Seth strips Evelyn of her bra and uses it to gag her while he reaches into her panties to rub her pussy. That was hot. Evelyn’s pale skin is red and welted from Gamble’s onslaught as he gives her throat a fair beating as a reward for her obedience. Evelyn gets a lively ride in cowgirl in which that extremely sexy crease in her back is on full display while Gamble gets to show off his chiseled body during a raucous doggystyle. I really enjoyed the way these two weren’t afraid to express their pleasure to each other verbally. Their reactions feel directed at each other rather than the audience and it shows a level of intimacy between the two that makes the scene feel authentic.

Anny Aurora and Derrick Pierce:

This scene opens with Anny sitting pensively on a white couch as Pierce paces back and forth in front of her. She gazes up at him sheepishly and I thought it was a great touch to keep Derrick’s face out of the frame to start. Anny looks up at him, but keeping the viewer from seeing Derrick’s face built some nice suspense. Anny’s black and purple bra, panties and garter belt are incredibly cute and like Evelyn before her, she’s shackled with a black studded collar, matching cuffs and a leash.

Pierce sets the mood by instructing her to be a good girl today and Anny responds with a submissive “Yes sir.” He then proceeds to stand her up and bend her over, exposing her ass for his pleasure. He uses a twirling technique to spank her, then follows that up with some rapid strikes directly on her exposed nipples with a paddle. I loved the look on Anny’s face as Derrick used the cuffs to hold her hands up behind her head as he rubbed her pussy. Her expression is one of bliss, helplessness and arousal. I also really liked the way Anny rested her leg on Derrick’s back as he ate her pussy. It made her feel like a woman enjoying sex instead of a performer making sure she opened to camera.

Simple stuff like that goes a long way towards building and holding the fantasy. I also liked the fact that Pierce stood for the initial blowjob. Anny has luxuriously long legs and in her heels she towers over Pierce. It really kept with the theme of him being the dominant and her being the submissive to have her kneel to suck him off while he stood. It was a striking visual that honestly could have been a Renaissance painting. Anny gets to show off her skills in cowgirl then Derrick gets to pound his way to the finish line.

Paige Owens and Ryan Mclane:

Another fantastic song opens this scene as Ryan, (shirtless) paces around Paige, who is dressed in a red and black lace bra with a sheer black garter belt, stockings, black lace gloves and matching panties. Her black silver studded collar compliments the black leather cuffs restraining her hands as she stands in the red and black room inviting Mclane to have his way with her. He attaches a leather leash to her collar and begins to drag his red and black tassel whip across her body while periodically flogging her gently.

As the scene progresses, Mclane becomes more aggressive with Paige and the calm demeanor she displayed to start the scene slowly evaporates and is replaced by sheer wantonness. Watch the way Paige offers her ass to Mclane after the blowjob. She raises her hips and begs him inside her with her body language and he obliges her with a hearty pounding and a merciless whipping across her back with the tassel whip. It’s really sexy and absolutely fits the scene. Also, the cowgirl in this scene is wonderful. Ryan just holds Paige in place and pounds away. Good stuff.

Karla Kush and Tommy Pistol:

This scene starts off with a mysterious vibe as Karla is blindfolded with a black eye mask and is waiting expectantly for her master to arrive. Tommy enters and cuffs her, which is the first time in the film that we see the girl not already restrained. Nice variety. Karla is sporting a very similar collar to the other ladies in the film (black with silver studs) and she’s wearing a sheer black camisole, sheer black stockings topped with a lacy pattern, black heels and black lace panties.

Tommy too is clad in all black and the outfits work because the room is completely bathed in white making the performers stand out. After leading Karla around by her leash on the couch a few times, Tommy grabs a black leather tassel whip and smacks Karla from shoulders to hips. At one point he stuffs the whip into Karla’s mouth and uses his open palms to spank her, which is deliciously sinful. I liked the way Tommy paraded Karla around in this scene. Almost like she was some kind of valuable trophy that he had to stop and admire periodically between indulging in her sex.

That’s how you tell a story without dialogue right there. I also really loved the part where Tommy made her stand and rub her own pussy while he smacked her bare breasts with his small paddle. Super hot! And how in the hell did Karla manage to get Tommy’s cock and balls in her mouth during the blowjob? Holy cow! Karla spends a lot of time in this scene with her knees up around her shoulders and that’s fine because she looks great on her back and the more Tommy fucks her, the nastier she gets.

Whitney Wright and Small Hands:

The scene opens with Whitney kneeling on a huge red velvet chair that stands in stark contrast to her pale skin. Her black panties compliment her black bralette and her garter belt stands out with its metal buckles. She is restrained by the same black studded collar and leash that all the other ladies wore, and her cuffs are brown leather as opposed to black. I like how Hands used a slightly different technique when spanking Whitney with the small paddle. He let the paddle linger against her skin after each blow, creating a completely different sensation than one experiences when a paddle is pulled away immediately after striking.

Hands keeps Wright controlled through the leash as he is often pulling her to him for kisses or simply to caress her body. It’s a very sensuous submission on her part. You can hear how much Whitney is enjoying everything in her vulnerable whimpers. Hands fucks her hard and steady (rarely giving her a chance to breathe) and I particularly enjoyed the way he slid his hands under Whitney’s ass during the missionary. There are few things better than watching a performer grab a handful of ass while he’s fucking a girl. I also absolutely loved the way Whitney held her feet above her foot on top of her head to make sure her pussy was completely open for Hands to ravish her.


This was a worthy successor to Quasar’s first film in this new series. The cast is fantastic and he does an excellent job capturing mood and building sexual tension within each scene. Again, anyone who is interested in BDSM would do well to pick this one up. One thing I will say I would have enjoyed more variety in the collars, cuffs and leashes, as each girl seemed to have similar props (outside of the brown variant of cuffs that Whitney Wright wore). The sex though is very stellar, with Evelyn Claire really standing out in what I thought was the best scene in the movie. I watched this film on Wicked.com, so I was not able to view any of the special features.


His hands on me as he takes control, bringing me to the edge and then pulling me back at his whim until, the anticipation is too much and I have to have him. The sex afterwards is a passionate reward. I love to give him control and he loves me in collars & cuffs.

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