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Axel Braun’s Sole Mates

Axel Braun presents an all-sex extravaganza aimed squarely at those who love ladies with lovely feet. Over the last few years, Braun has branched out a bit from his parody wheelhouse and explored a variety of popular fetishes in a series of all-sex movies. This is his first foray into the world of podiatry infatuation and he doesn’t shy away from the taboo side of this genre. He assembles a good cast which includes industry veteran Chanel Preston while also bringing some variety to the party with newcomer Alexis Tae and delicious Latina succubus Abby Lee Brazil.

Abby Lee Brazil and Ramon Nomar:

The scene opens with Abby dressed in nothing but red panties and matching red heels, lying on her stomach on a bed. Things get heavy on the footplay really quickly as Abby roles onto her back and uses her elegantly manicured feet to stroke Ramon’s cock. He alternates between licking Abby’s pussy, ass and feet and wow is that awesome to watch. Abby looks so good on her back with her legs spread. I was really happy that she spent so much time during the scene in this position as it gave the viewer a wonderful view of her natural tits, sculpted ass and of course, her pretty feet. It was also great to watch Ramon pound away at Abby while rubbing her feet all over his face; it was like he couldn’t get enough of her feet, breathing them in and sucking her toes desperately as he fucked her. Abby revisits her earlier stoking maneuver to finish Ramon off and the movie is off on the right “foot!”

Chanel Preston and Seth Gamble:

Chanel opens the scene teasing the audience in a tight blue dress with a matching pink bra and panty set and tan strapped open-toed heels. I liked how Axel lingered on Chanel’s feet as she unstrapped her shoes and freed her toes from their constraints. He also uses a lot of extreme close-ups of Chanel’s feet, which should excite fans of this type of content. An interesting choice here from Axel was to make the tease portion of the scene quite long (nearly 9 minutes) before resetting the scene to include Gamble. When Chanel strolls into the room to entice him, she’s once again fully dressed and we get to see Gamble adore her feet in much the same way the audience got to do during the tease. Seth also tongue-lashes Chanel’s clit vigorously before she offers him her pretty feet to fuck. There’s also a modified doggie where Chanel keeps her knees bent with her feet pressed against Seth’s pelvis that I’ve never seen executed before. That was hot as was the spoon. Goodness Chanel looked incredibly sexy during that spoon all folded up like that. Whew!

Alexis Tae and Tommy Pistol:

The scene opens with Alexis’ feet filling the entire frame in their black skinny heels. Her white nail polish stands out against her caramel skin in a nice contrasting visual. I liked the effect of her feet dominating the picture while her face periodically peeked through in blurred fashion. Again, it fit the theme of the movie but was a different visual, which added variety to the film. I must say I think Alexis is very pretty and the sultry look on her face as she rubbed her pussy while Tommy sucked on her toes was an absolute win. Her sexuality jumped off the screen and helps set the viewer up for a good time. In a cool role reversal, Tommy at one point actually fucks his face with Alexis’s toes and then he straps her ankles together with his belt and uses her feet to jack off. Holy taboo batman! There’s a desperation to this scene as Tommy just tears Alexis up in every position. His face is full of lust and Alexis eggs him on with her soft begging moans. This scene is lusty as fuck and aggressive and just great. Wow.

Riley Reyes and Ryan Mclane:

No solo tease here, we get right to business with Riley and Ryan jumping right into each other. Riley is dressed in a bright yellow shirt and floral shorts with salmon colored thick heels on. Mclane wastes no time relieving her of her footwear and slurping on her red painted toes. A naughty kicker hits when Riley joins Mclane in sucking her own feet and the rawness of that moment sets the tone for the rest of the scene. Riley breaks out the lube and moistens her feet, then uses her toes to ruck Ryan silly. In addition to having gorgeous feet, Riley has a spectacular ass that we get to see bounce around wonderfully during cowgirl as she rides herself and Ryan to orgasm.

This is a nice four-scene movie that really serves its audience well. Fans of footplay will definitely get off on all the attention paid to the feet of these beautiful women. There is something naughty, nasty and taboo about feet and everyone in this film embraces that desire to just get freaky with feet. Tommy Pistol and Alexis Tae absolutely capture the vibe of this fantasy, but Ramon Nomar and Abby Lee Brazil are also spectacular and showcase some really sexy positions that just make you want to cheer with sexual abandon. I watched this movie on, so I was not able to view any of the special features.


Legendary director Axel Braun continues his mission inside the mysteries of erotica with this exquisite ode to the most fetishized of all non-genital body parts: feet. Superstar Chanel Preston headlines a cast of beautiful women who enjoy having their toes licked, sucked, and played with, in the first volume of another Braun series destined to become a classic.

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