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Sexual Fidelity

Bridget (Casey Calvert) and her husband Greg (Brad Armstrong) host a successful sex-positive podcast. When Greg decides to move on from both the show and the marriage, Bridget is left reeling as self doubts about the validity of her professional opinion and direction of her life shatter her confidence. When successful sex educator Dr. Shawn Firestone (Seth Gamble) guest stars on Bridget’s rebranded podcast, she must grapple not only with her magnetic attraction to him, but also her uncertainty about her ability to stand on her own as a media creator.

This is Holly Randall’s second feature for Wicked Pictures and this one strikes close to home for her. For those unfamiliar, Randall hosts an adult podcast called Holly Randall Unfiltered (which recently eclipsed 100 episodes) so this movie’s roots stem straight from her own personal experience. That authenticity is apparent from the start as the podcast scenes in the movie feel very much like an actual podcast one might download while the subject matter and points of view are steeped in actual real-world discourse. At one point in the movie, there’s a conversation between Bridget and Shawn about societal expectations concerning sex that is extremely relevant to the landscape of the conversation that is quite well done. Randall deserves credit for weaving real-world discussions into this movie with such skill.

Casey Calvert does an excellent job as the lead and the entire movie hinges on her ability to bring the audience along with her on this journey of self-discovery through her performance. Meanwhile, Gamble flexes his acting chops once again as the outwardly confident and charismatic opposite to Calvert’s self-doubting hero. He does a great job hiding his own uncertainty behind a projection of knowledgeable confidence and it really makes his character’s relationship with Calvert’s character relatable.

Jessie Lee plays the show’s producer Kate and she does a nice job as the supportive friend who also keeps the show moving forward when Bridget loses her way. Her character works because we’ve all had that friend who stays positive in the face of our perceived failures and keeps us on track until we can find our way again. I must say though that the most interestingly handled character is Greg. While Armstrong doesn’t get a ton of non-sex screen time, his character gets a great deal of exposition through the perspectives of other characters in the movie. I liked that approach and the breakup scene between Greg and Bridget creates a huge amount of emotional capital for the film and connects the audience to Bridget on a very personal level. Great choice by Randall.

The sex in this movie is also very erotic and it is helped by the fact that it fits the narrative of the film so well. Jessie Lee takes the general advice of Dr. Firestone and makes a move on her yoga instructor Jay Smooth. The ensuing tryst is passionately arousing. The first thing to note is the amount of kissing in the scene. Jay is always very affectionate with his co-stars and this scene is no different. He seems to never stop kissing Jessie and he really takes his time with her. There are two different instances where he rubs her pussy while caressing her body before the hardcore stuff begins. The kissing and caressing allows the audience to stay in the fantasy that Kate is having sex with her yoga instructor after being emboldened by Dr. Firestone’s advice instead of Jessie Lee performing a hardcore sex scene with Jay Smooth.

I also love the inclusion of Jessie because she’s full of tattoos but that fact is never highlighted in the movie. Her tattoos aren’t fetishized, she is just presented as a character who happens to have tattoos which is fantastic. During the blowjob (which includes some impressive deep throats) Holly lets the camera linger on close-up shots of Jessie’s body, which allows the audience to really take in all her body art. It was a great way for Randall to showcase Jessie’s tattoos without bringing specific attention to them. Jessie looks fantastic face down/ass up in doggie on the couch and honestly, both performers looked great with that brown couch serving as a background color to them. The finish sees Jay spill his load all over Jessie’s tits in a very satisfying fashion.

After agreeing that things are over between them, Greg and Bridget have one final fling and it is a doozy for multiple reasons. The first is because of what an emotional moment it is in the movie, and the second is the fact that this scene marks the first time Casey Calvert and Brad Armstrong have ever had sex together on camera. This is some great work from two of the best performers in the business. There’s a finality to this scene that permeates its entirety and you can see the pain, reservation, desire and acceptance on both their faces. Great character work. Casey’s bra and panties are incredibly pretty and I loved the way Brad pulled those panties to the side and ate Casey’s pussy while she watched him with looks of ecstasy dancing across her face. We get nearly five minutes of Brad fingering and lapping at Casey’s lovely pussy which was awesome. The handless blowjob was fantastic and Brad’s cock fills Casey’s mouth nearly to bursting, which was a very sexy visual. Casey is so into the reverse cowgirl and the image of her fully nude body riding Brad is just an absolute joy to behold. There’s also a very cool visual of Casey and Brad’s reflection in the table during doggie. If that was intentional, it was brilliant. If not, it was a wonderful bit of luck.

Young starlet Harmony Wonder makes her Wicked Pictures debut in a scene with Gamble that is not only hot, but also brings some depth to the Firestone character. Harmony is cute with her nearly hidden dual braids, petite body and surprisingly perky bosom. There is an undeniable “teen” vibe to this scene, but it is worked into the story flawlessly, which makes the scene work in conjunction with the film’s narrative instead of existing as a throwaway sex scene. Seth gives Harmony some pretty deep face fucking to start, with his long shaft filling Harmony’s throat in nicely lewd fashion. During doggie, Harmony hits Seth with some pretty skillful hip gyrations that could have easily finished him on the spot and she revisits the move during cowgirl, which is wonderful.

The most romantic scene in the movie comes from Kenzie Taylor and Australian stud Stirling Cooper who, like Harmony Wonder, also makes his Wicked Pictures debut here. The bed is adorned with rose petals and we get a nice long sequence (with music!) of Kenzie dressing in sexy lingerie that really sets the mood. Following Kenzie’s directions (she is the clear dominant in this scene), Cooper takes his time undressing her, reveling in every inch of her body. Visually, it’s right out of a Harlequin romance novel and it’s perfect. I loved Kenzie’s positioning during the blowjob. Seeing her draped across the bed while she gobbled Cooper’s cock from the side was extremely hot. The rest of the scene consists of Kenzie telling Cooper what she wants, how to fuck her and how much she loves it while Cooper thrusts into her more and more desperately as Kenzie eggs him on. Cooper rewards her well-laid plans and aggressive nature with an explosive facial.

If Kenzie and Cooper have the most romantic scene in the movie, Gamble and Calvert have the most sensual. Man, I wish this scene would have had some kind of music with it because the mood was perfect for such an accompaniment! In fact, I think this scene was actually hurt by the fact that there was no music but that is coming from someone who almost always prefers music to accompany sex scenes. Casey gives a long, head-bobbing blowjob with just enough gagging to be dirty while not losing the sensual mood. In fact, Casey does the perfect amount of dirty talking during this scene to amp up the intensity without flailing about in the throes of passion. For example, during the spoon (in which she looks fantastic) she rolls her head back slightly with a smile and murmurs to Seth “hit me hard” — which he does. Casey’s ensuing guttural moan is incredibly sexy. The doggie is awesome as well, as Casey’s ass is beautifully displayed for the audience to adore and again, her face shows her pleasure plainly.

This movie is another win from Holly Randall for Wicked Pictures. I like the way she constructs a story and I like the way she shoots a movie for the most part. Monte Del Negro and Holly Randall really wrote a good story here and the authentic nature of this story, coupled with the very strong performances from Calvert and Gamble, make this movie a success. I watched this movie on, so I was not able to view any of the special features.


Sex talk with Bridget is the one of the leading sex podcasts in the industry, where the smart and sexy husband and wife duo dish out the best sex and relationship advice around. But chaos ensues when Greg asks for a divorce, leaving Bridget lost and terrified to run the podcast without her cohost and life-partner. When Shawn Firestone, a devilishly handsome sex-educator joins an emotionally vulnerable Bridget on the podcast as a guest, her fondness for him quickly shifts from professional to sexual. But can she commit to the life of independence and success she's always dreamed of, or will she fall into the trap of needing another man to save her?

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