Hot Nights, Cold Blood

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Hot Nights, Cold Blood

A Digital Playground feature involving strip clubs, sluts and mobsters, “Hot Nights, Cold Blood” is an engaging flick in that the women involved — Abigail Mac, Nicolette Shea and Anny Aurora — are truly cock-loving champs, especially the take-it-in-the-ass-loving foreign body Ms. Aurora. Love ya, ladies!

After Abigail and her on-screen English boyfriend have a fight outside a strip club, the owner, played by Danny D., offers the cocktail waitress an “audition” as a stripper, during which he gets his dick sucked to the bone — yes, Mac is a wonderful deepthroat artiste — while he really gets his massive British banger massaged by her vagina; my favorite position being cowgirl, since Mac really knows how to grind her hips and ass; while it’s even terrif seeing such a sexy bitch take it hard during missionary, her meaty cunt fully exposed for the world to see. Yeah! And check out the oodles of sperm Danny boy blows all over Mac’s bod. Whoa! Unbeknownst to Danny and Mac, however, D’s big-boobed blonde wife, played by Nicolette Shea, sees the two during the scene’s climax, so she’s obviously pissed off and looking for some serious payback from her cheatin’ hubby.

Nicolette hooks up with Danny’s friend and business partner, played by Jay Snake (yet another Brit), with doggie definitely being a rewindworthy position when the two finally fuck like randy bunnies in an office (I think it’s an office); Nicky’s boobs and buns shaking like electronically mixed cans of paint — and it’s even (yes!) repeated. It’s also grand seeing Nicky’s face get plastered with cock-paste, and I mean from forehead to chin! We find out, however, that Nicky wants to, according to Jay, “take out” (as in snuff) her husband. But Jay wants nothing to do with it, much to the ire of obsessed and bloodthirsty Nicky. And as the plot and our dicks thicken…

Soon enough, Danny has eyes for yet another of his strippers — played by svelte, wiry, scrumptious young Cologne tart Anny Aurora — ignoring Abigail, much to her chagrin and his wife’s sadistic delight; with the revenge-crazed Nicky suggesting that Mac set up Anny with poor partner Jay; the tryst between Jay and Anny becoming one sizzling assfuck in one of the club’s semi-private rooms. Sure, Anny gives an okay BJ, but she’s much better in the boinking department (at least she is in this particular scene), with cowgirl-vadge being a winner (love how she squats down that luscious ass upon Jay’s joint), while she also, as promised, winds up taking the dude’s peter straight up her poop pit, first during missionary (letting us fully imbibe of Anny’s strikingly timeless face), while doggie-anal is pretty horny, Snake going back and forth between her ass and cunt with his over-worked snake, but truly hammering it home during vadge-doggie.

Yet during this fiery hook-up, the dastardly Nicolette shoots video of Jay getting it on with his Danny’s new squeeze, which vengeful Nicky (natch) shows Danny, who wastes no time whacking fall guy Jay. But little does Danny know that the spurned Nicky and Mac are also planning revenge against him, and on none other than Valentine’s Day (though it seems to me that they’re guilty of getting poor Jay’s character killed, right?); the two ladies ultimately descending together upon Danny’s dick, choking on it with their throats, while doggie from both ladies is absolutely a scene highlight, as well as seeing both of ‘em sucking each other’s twat and sit next to one other on a sofa while Danny slams their sopping slits mish style in tandem.

Couples will dig this feature in that there’s enough plot and character development to definitely keep ‘em interested, while hardcore pervs will surely dig the major anal obliteration of cute-as-shit pixie Anny Aurora.


Olivia (Abigail Mac), a strip club cocktail waitress turned dancer, gets entangled with her married, mob-affiliated boss, Sal (Danny D), after breaking up with her boyfriend. When Sal's wife, Gia (Nicolette Shea), spies the two of them fucking during a one-on-one meeting, she's had enough - she conspires with her husband's friend and fellow gangster, Bobby, to murder her husband and take over his profitable strip club. When Bobby betrays Gia by bailing on their master plan in favor of his friendship with Sal, Gia has no choice but to execute her plan alone, or better yet, find another partner. Will she be able to draw Oliva away from Sal and over to the dark side?

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