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Upon Further Reflection

James Wharton (Ryan Mclane) is a bestselling author who has lost his muse. Pressure from his agent (Tommy Pistol) to fulfill his contractual obligation to write a second novel, the crushing weight of a looming divorce and alimony payments from his wife Stephanie (Britney Amber) and an over-reliance on alcohol have combined to destroy James’ ability to create. A chance meeting with a young college student named Tiffany (Avi Love) could prove to be just the inspiration he’s looking for, but Tiffany has a secret that could change everything.

Mike Quasar is back in the house of Wicked with another Wicked Passions film. He seems incredibly comfortable in the dramatic romance genre and here he assembles a nice supporting cast, two great leads in Mclane and Love and a story that viewers will find themselves invested in. This is one of those movies where the audience is made aware of exactly what the second shoe is right from the start and it creates a dynamic sense of dreadful anticipation because we know how that shoe is going to drop. It’s an interesting choice from Quasar to present that knowledge right away and forego the unexpected twist trope. The thing that makes it work is just how effectively Mclane and Love connect with each other before the proverbial shit hits the fan.

Avi Love and Ryan Mclane create such synergy that even though the audience knows where things are going to turn sideways, it still smarts because these two characters feel absolutely made for each other. Every conversation they have feels natural and genuine and a lot of credit should be given not only to Quasar for writing such convincing dialogue, but to Avi Love for projecting such a sense of wonder at Wharton juxtaposed with her longing for honest companionship, and to Ryan Mclane for showing such palpable vulnerability throughout the story. It all works incredibly well.

Wharton’s soon-to-be ex-wife Stephanie is played perfectly by Britney Amber. It would have been so easy for her to simply portray the bitchy, money-hungry ex, but Quasar opted to give Stephanie some sympathetic motivation for her actions, which adds depth to the character instead of making her static. There are some shenanigans that Stephanie is involved in, but honestly, it’s easy to understand why she has the attitude about Wharton that she does. Again, credit is due to Quasar for creating characters that aren’t one-dimensional.

The sex is fantastic; full of great positions, effective lighting that accentuates the mood and varied settings that fit the story instead of being simply spaces designated for sex to occur. Tiffany’s best friend and her boyfriend Julian (played by Cadence Lux and Jake Adams respectively) have a wonderfully lit romp in a pristine white bedroom. Cadence has exquisite tits and the way Jake Adams folds her legs up around her head at the beginning of the scene is spectacular. Catch Cadence’s facial expression when Jake pushes her legs up and goes in for some sexy rimming, she is practically begging him to do it and it’s very sexy. The way Cadence is open to the camera during the missionary is great and the way Jake wraps his arm around Lux’s waist during cowgirl is equally stimulating. Watching Cadence ride cowgirl is fantastic. That woman knows how to use her hips.

Avi Love and Derrick Pierce find comfort in each other’s arms in a huge bed bathed in muted gray and blue hues. Another fantastic cowgirl moment occurs as Love grabs hold of Pierce’s hands and sits upright on his shaft while he pounds into her. Great variation of the position! It added a hint of naughtiness to the action and Avi gives just a few hip thrusts at one point that shine like a torch in the dark. Man it would have been amazing to see Avi work that move longer! I also love the shadows created here as they pass between hiding the action and exposing it. Oh, and Derrick Pierce has monster arms. That dude is not skipping days at the gym!

Marcus London and Kenzie Taylor get a chance to diddle each other in a scene that features an extended cowgirl. Kenzie has such a sexy body; muscle ripples on her back, a delicious curvature to her ass and a thick bush that many fans would find appealing. We also get a very erotic moment during the spoon where Marcus and Kenzie clasp hands while he thrusts into her energetically.

Avi Love and Ryan Mclane get a chance to taste each other and they deliver one of the best scenes in the movie. Avi really gets Mclane’s cock deep in her throat without the gagging, and Mclane manages to be his typically aggressive self without being rough at all. My goodness, the way he folds Avi in half and softly slams into her is wonderful. And remember the earlier scene where I lamented Avi not working that cowgirl move longer? Well she works it longer here and it is fabulous!

Tommy Pistol and Britney Amber fuck on a white leather sectional and Tommy shows why he’s such a coveted co-star. He does little things that make entire scenes stand out when they normally wouldn’t. For instance, in spoon he grabs Britney’s ample bush and pulls it back while he fucks her. The move itself is quite common, but rarely do I ever see the man do it to the woman, usually the woman does it to herself. It was also a great touch for Tommy to rake Britney’s back with his nails while he was in her doggie style. A small detail, but it really added sensuousness to the scene. And what can I say about Britney Amber, other than she has a wonderfully sculpted ass, magnificent tits and a highly sexual presence in front of the camera. Directors should be hiring her as often as possible.

This movie has some very arousing sex in it. Cadence Lux really shined and I can’t wait to see more of her while Avi Love continues her string of fantastic feature performances. She has become one of my favorites. I watched this movie on Wicked.com, so I was not able to view any of the special features.


Fiction writer, James Wharton (Ryan Mclane), is suffering from writers block and a drinking problem. His ex-wife is making his life a living hell and his agent is putting the pressure on him to finish his new novel. A chance meeting with a beautiful young girl (Avi Love) ,who is a fan of his work, begins to lead him out of the darkness and into inspiration once again until he discovers that she is harboring a dark secret. Romance, regret and redemption collide in Upon Further Reflection.

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