You Will Regret This

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You Will Regret This

On their way to a music festival, Kira Noir and Michael Vegas, playing a seemingly devoted couple, and tag-a-long friend Joanna Angel, who’s getting over a breakup, pick up a hitchhiking duo, Abella Danger and Small Hands; with the SUV soon breaking down in the middle of the desolate woods, wherein there’s no cell-phone reception … so, they make camp, and also wind up getting it on with each other in this Digital Playground feature that’s got solid sex and a fun storyline.

Vegas soon takes a walk in the woods with Abella, with the two humping one another in the forest at night, and it’s a heated tryst. The best moments are definitely Abella giving a gnarly (deep, loud, gurgly, spit-laden) blowjob, at one point doing it while upside-down, and cowgirl, the latter with Danger doing some amazing squatting work with her equally amazing arse. Standing-doggie is not too damn bad, either, as Abella knows how to stretch her figure for the camera, clearly showing off that juicy twat and succulent butt. And right after Vegas squirts all over Abella’s face, troublemaker Joanna Angel rats Mikey out to girlfriend Kira. Guess misery loves company, eh?

After a girl-girler between Kira and Joanna — wherein the two try to cunt-sole one another; the best part being lotsa time to witness scrumptious Kira Noir’s incredibly tasty bod, as well as viewing her chow down on pussy like she won’t be eating anything for several days — we find out that the shrew-like, jealous, sadistic Angel wants to sabotage Kira and Mikey’s relationship, followed by Angel and Noir arguing, Joanna smacking Kira across the face, causing her to fall and hit her head badly on a rock, leaving her unconscious.

Trying to cover up what she’s done, Joanna hides Kira’s body then seduces the unknowing Vegas into face- and cunt-fucking her, with Angel producing quite a nasty BJ herself, as well as letting Vegas, soon enough, fuck the hell outta her twitchin’ anus, the best positions being cowgirl-, doggie- and spoon-anal.

Things get more and more mixed up (don’t worry, no further spoilers here) in terms of someone getting shot, Noir’s body going missing, but, for now, more importantly, we get a torrid threesome between Angel, Danger and Small Hands, the highlights being a freaky double-sucking, with both ladies really showing what filthy broads they are; as well as Angel cowgirl-riding Hands, her well-puckered asshole seeming to wink at the camera; and Smally going back and forth between Danger, in the doggie position, and Angel, below, in the mish position, with Danger’s derriere marvelously jiggling out of control.

Even though there might only be three ladies featured in this, well, feature, all of ‘em perform superbly; and it’s great seeing slutty Angel take it way up her sphincter; though I do wish we could’ve seen the delightful Ms. Noir get nailed thus by at least one prick-a-roo.


After a bad breakup, Max (Joanna Angel) gets talked into going to a music festival with her best friend, Tess (Kira Noir) and her bad news boyfriend, Travis (Michael Vegas). A few hours into their road trip, the group of friends pick up a couple of hitchhikers (Abella Danger and Small Hands) heading to the same event. After sundown, their entire plan falls apart - the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and the wary travelers decide to camp out in the woods until morning. What happens under the cover of darkness will change the course of their entire lives and yes, they will regret it.

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