Sexual Healing

Noir Male
Sexual Healing

Four scenes of lightly plotted glamcore sex with a focus on sensual connection and men taking genuine pleasure in each other. MVP honors to DeAngelo Jackson and Remy Cruze, but the cast is uniformly strong.

Danny Gunn, lean and inked, drools as he observes his yoga instructor, Timarrie Baker, stretching poolside. Baker’s bulge is eye-catching and his connection with Gunn is sensual and romantic. Gunn maintains steady eye contact as he grips Baker’s boner and does his best to slurp as much of it down as he can. Their fuck session indoors, in bed, has a frenzied, passionate energy.

Jackson Reed, compact and adorably scruffy, is a masseuse eager to rub down movie star DeAngelo Jackson, eye-poppingly handsome with a gorgeous and muscular physique, thick boner and a perfect ass that Reed can’t help but dive into with clear enjoyment. Reed is a compliant bottom under Jackson’s confident, firm guidance. A highlight is the aggressive, piledriving fuck Jackson throws into Reed atop the massage table.

Jay Austin fantasizes about dreamboat Remy Cruze he met poolside. Austin sports a fit, athletic physique, a bit of ink and a furry chest, with glasses and a septum piercing. He’s quite a nerdy-sexy stud; Cruze is handsomely muscular and with inked arm sleeves. As with the Gunn/Baker matchup, there is a sensual connection between the two men that crackles with heat; Cruze savors Austin’s body, kissing him, biting his nipples and deep-throating his cock. Austin groans and moans as Cruze sinks his cock deep into Austin’s hole, pounding away with confident precision.

Max Adonis and Mateo Fernandez are both lean and boyishly good-looking with easy smiles and a friendly chemistry. Adonis plays a massage therapist who is tasked with helping star athlete Fernandez recover from an injury. This specialized therapy involves vigorous sex. Adonis grins as he sucks cock and bends his lithe body into one position after another to provide service to his partner. He’s a terrific, dialed-in performer and Fernandez clearly enjoys the vibe. Footage of his boner sliding into Adonis’ hole, as his balls swing, is an enjoyable highlight.


Sexual Healing is another stunning release from Noir Male. Scenes include The Yoga Instructor with Timarrie Baker and Danny Gunn; BBC Massage with DeAngelo Jackson and Jackson Reed; Poolside Pleasures with Remy Cruze and Jay Austin; and Healing Touch with Max Adonis and Mateo Fernandez.

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