Family Love

Noir Male
Family Love

Three straightforward duos and one threesome with a lightly explored stepfamily theme and a very strong cast. Top-notch power-bottoms Max Adonis, Beaux Banks and Armond Rizzo earn MVP honors, but the chemistry is strong all around.

DeAngelo Jackson and Banks are a pair of fit, smoldering stepbrothers who can’t resist acting on their obvious chemistry. Jackson is all muscle and passion while Banks is a sensual, skilled bottom who easily keeps up with his topman and powers their sexplay. Their slurpy makeout session and body worship are a real turn-on; Banks’ skilled mouth, tongue and throat clearly turn Jackson’s crank. Banks yelps and groans as he’s being fucked and keeps the energy between them at a high level.

Hunky, muscular Noah Donovan interrupts a hookup between his stepbrother Jacen Zhu and the latter’s boyfriend, scruffy Max Adonis, and gruffly demands to be included in the action. Adonis happily complies with being ravished at both ends as the guys pull a train and keep him stuffed with thick cocks (with condoms). Adonis puts his skills to the test, clearly dick-drunk, for what becomes a passionate threesome.

Aaron Trainer and Brian Bonds are a pair of fit, handsome “daddies” who get it on with each other after they discover porn on their sons’ phones. The hunky men work each other’s cocks, leading to sensual oral and lip-smacking assplay. Trainer gives Bonds a harsh (condom-clad) pounding and the latter is clearly in heaven. It’s a terrific physical match with palpable chemistry.

Fans of larger/smaller guys paired together will get off on compact Armond Rizzo – an A-list power bottom – taking on the larger, well-hung Mr. Cali in a sizzling bedroom hookup. They kiss with passion and proceed to superb oral; Rizzo really knows what he’s doing (when Cali lightly spanks him, Rizzo quips, “Is that all you’ve got?”). They build to a strong fuck session; Rizzo whines with pleasure as Cali flexes his muscular thighs to drive deeper into the latter’s stretched-out chute and even fucks him standing up while holding the much-smaller Rizzo in his powerful arms. Cali was clearly energized by their matchup and gives Rizzo a serious pounding.


Are you ready for some Family Love? Armand Rizzo cannot get along with his dad, so he spends a lot of time at Uncle Cali's house. Armond doesn't know how to take discipline well, that is until Uncle Cali takes over. After a little spanking, Armand wants more, and the two horny men are more than willing to help each other out. Mr. Cali has one of the biggest dicks in the business and he uses it to split open Armand's mouth and asshole. To finish it off Cali spills a huge load of come in Armond's face.

What happens when your stepbrother opens your mail and finds something unexpected? He apologizes but looks at you funny because he has the same dildo. After DeAngelo Jackson apologizes to his step bro Beaux Banks, the two help each other out with hot wet blowjobs, dripping rim jobs and intense stepbrother fucking that draws the cum right out of their dicks.

Aaron Trainer and Brian Bonds are two daddies who crave each other's hard cocks. A quick masturbation session quickly evolves into their massive cocks in each other's mouths. Get ready for smoking relentless sex at its finest, with ass eating and deep anal fucking exploding into orgasms like never before.

When Noah Donovan catches his hot stepbrother Jacen Zhu and his sexy boyfriend Max Adonis in the act, he demands that Max suck his cock while Jacen fucks him in his tight asshole. It's a shocking demand but one they are more than pleased to fulfill while they fill his ass and waiting mouth with their hard cocks. This is some deep dicking that must be kept in the family.

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