Club VXN Vol. 5

Club VXN Vol. 5

“Club VXN 5” switches things up in the popular Vixen series. It still offers magnificent boy-girl sex scenes with some of the hottest talents around, and it still provides just enough backstory to make the XXX scenes intimate and believeable. But now, three years after Vixen’s highly anticipated debut, award-winning director Greg Lansky has stepped aside to let talented new directors share their visions of pornographic artistry.

The names will be familiar to fans of glam porn. Porn star and 2019 XBIZ Feature Director of the Year Kayden Kross (whose “Abigail” showcase swept the XBIZ Awards and helped propel Abigail Mac to become 2019 XBIZ Female Performer of the Year) orchestrates two scenes in her trademark TrenchcoatX style (now channeled into her ventures). Frequent Lansky collaborator Laurent Sky contributes a spicy film starring Teanna Trump, and director Derek Dozer joins the crew with a vision of the buxom Autumn Falls.

Much like “Club VXN 4,” the film has nothing to do with it’s namesake — the fictional Club VXN, a fantasy sex club for the rich and beautiful that has enriched Vixen film lore for years. Instead, Lansky has opted for a seemingly random compilation of sexy scenes from behind the paywall of In that way, “VXN 5” feels like other titles from the posh brand.

All of the sex is of the boy-girl variety and features relatively tame positions and acts, save for Teanna Trump’s performance. In each case, the scenes are shot beautifully and the sets are inspired — especially those by Kayden Kross. Cinematically, it’s a cut above previous “VXN” titles.

Scene 1:

Sex plays many roles: romance, love or in this case, power.

Teanna Trump is a bad-girl popstar navigating the streets of fame. Her devil-may-care attitude may have put her on the map, but it’s beginning to concern record executives like Mick Blue. When he faces the teen singer, she shuts him down by bringing her full sexuality to bear on the unsuspecting manager.

This one is notably rougher than most of Vixen’s back-catalog. Teanna attacks Blue’s shaft with the intensity and fervor of a gonzo blowbang. She channels her character’s frustrations with the label directly into her sex. The result is a dominant and almost angry fuck.

Director Laurent Sky manages a tight filming location well and captures stunning two-shots and closeups of all the sexual antics. Transitions are natural and it doesn’t look preplanned at all. Everything evolves naturally and there’s a feeling that the crew is merely along for the ride.

Ever the performer, Ms. Trump plays to the camera with real showmanship. She opens up, arches her back and provides the sultriest of angles for Mr. Sky to capture. She’s so photogenic.

Set design is excellent too, especially in the story-laden intro. You’ll see masterful drone and exterior shots of Hollywood luxury including a marvelous image of Teanna lounging in a pool, framed by lush palm treetops.

Porn is best when female pleasure is at the forefront, and wow, what a spectacle it is to see Teanna’s body explode with orgasms in reverse cowgirl of all positions! Her body glows, breasts harden and her clit protrudes until she cums and aimlessly falls to the side. And the look on her face: priceless.

She also cums really hard in an impressive and lengthy doggie style bang. Blue finds the perfect fast-paced rhythm to keep her on edge and plunges steadily for what feels like days. Just before he loses control, he flips Teanna over, eats pussy and then jumps right back in when he’s had time to cool down. All the while, Trump’s body is on fire. It speaks wonders for Mick Blue’s endurance, both sexual and physical. It’s one hell of a scene.

Scene 2:

Alberto Blanco is finally getting the recognition he deserves after spending nearly eight years practicing and honing the XXX craft. The dapper Spaniard has recently been headlining memorable big-studio scenes alongside top talent. And it doesn’t get much hotter than rookie big-boobed sensation Autumn Falls.

The story is all about the patience of a young lady with an older crush. Falls has played the long game and now that she’s 18 and fully matured, she’s ready to make her move on an unsuspecting Blanco.

It’s a Derek Dozer film, a director best known for his work with gonzo-esque series. His take on glamcore is beautiful and seductive and neatly fits in with Greg Lansky’s well-defined style.

He features many of the trappings of past Vixen shoots: high contrast and vibrant skin tones, modern and posh living spaces, and real eroticism. Refreshingly, he explores color with ash-greys, cityscapes and exercises restraint in set design with small pops of color here and there.

Autumn Falls is breathtaking in her performance, fucking and sucking in a manner that, at times, reminds me of Gina Valentina — a favorite of hers from her days as a fan. Nowhere is this more apparent than those sultry closeups that are immediately reminiscent of Valentina’s unforgettable lay in “Club VXN 3.”

Ms. Falls really takes charge with an endless fuck on top. Her body is flawless from head to toe and she slams Blanco’s cock at some highly sensitive angles. But Alberto hangs in there like a champ no matter how intense Falls manages to fuck him. He just looks thrilled to contribute and to work with such a sexual dynamo.

You’d expect Dozer to fixate on Autumn’s unstoppable breasts, but instead he treats us to a respectable balance of wide shots, romantic interludes and closeups of both top and bottom assets.

The adorable couple go through the usual positions including a little oral and your standard porno variety of penetrative poses. A lot of time is spent in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl — no doubt a means to highlight her rocking breasts. There’s also some titty fucking along with a marvelous picture of doggie style where you can see her pussy shimmering with excitement (again, just like that great Valentina scene).

It ends with Blanco jerking himself off to a finish all over Fall’s delightful breasts followed by more tittyfucking, cocksucking and excellent eye contact from the pretty starlet.

Scene 3:

Kayden Kross is such a fantastic filmmaker. In this dark tease, she combines artful lighting and romantic music that blends with Adria Rae’s eroticism and oozes sexuality.

And yet there’s more to it than that. The story revolves around a sexually charged but perhaps unhealthy relationship where an uncaring Markus Dupree leaves her the morning after. Embodying the spirit of Pat Benatar, Adria uses sex as a weapon to bait him back to her bedchamber.

Dialogue is kept to a minimum, and the story unfolds not unlike a Spike Jonze music video. Everything is clear and you can feel the tension and at times, anger, between these torrid lovers.

Kross excels at finding highly erotic angles in her films. She finds these perfect moments where Dupree’s cock is shimmering with the reflection of Adria’s juice as he slowly plunges in and out. And there’s that shot of Ms. Rae drooling all over his cock that is bound to titillate any spit fetishist.

Rare in individual porn scenes, we see Adria Rae go through a sort of story arc. She begins angry and frustrated, and her sex matches those feelings early on. Only after Dupree has spent considerable time giving loving oral sex does she change. She lays back, begs to have him inside her and glances up with the most caring eyes as he goes in. Smiles, intense orgasms and serious squirting follow.

What sets this apart for me is Adria’s sheer enjoyment. Much like Mia Malkova before her, Adria Rae can’t help but to let out these great smiles, at least when she’s not grinding her teeth in mid climax.

Kross mimics one of the greatest Lansky cumshots as shown by Leah Gotti in “Natural Beauties” and manages to outdo it with a lingering focus and that glamcore lighting that only she can pull off.

Scene 4:

We’ve all been let down and left alone at times. Emily Willis is stood up by her boyfriend the morning of her sister’s wedding. Alone, she meets Ricky Johnson and follows him back to his place to relieve her frustration.

While the setup feels stereotypically porny, Kross’ cinematic flair combined with Johnson and Willis’ magnetic buildup elevate tension to HBO Original levels.

One of the things that stands out with this scene, and many of Kross’ films, is her use of multiple locations. We see Willis in her bedroom, at the wedding, and then together with Johnson at his place. It’s a small thing, but it adds layers of story as well as plausibility.

Ricky Johnson drives the eroticism with his sense of restraint, especially in the early scene. Even as Willis undresses, he remains fully clothed in his suit and tie, only barely touching her ivory skin and kissing ever so delicately. Only after a tantalizing delay does he move the kisses south, allowing Kross to set up these sweeping images of Willis’ nude skin.

For nearly 40 minutes, our newfound lovers roll through a half dozen sex positions on an elegant leather couch as day gradually turns to night.

Kross is known for her use of reflection in scenes and sneaks a mirror into the shot on at least one occasion (for anybody who remembers Sinderella from “Young and Beautiful 6”). And then there’s the reflection of Emily Willis’ tight body against the glass doors and speckled with the light of that brilliant cityscape. Thoughts of Kross’ epic “After Dark” are sure to come to mind.

Synopsis: is proud to present CLUB VXN VOL.5! Greg Lansky has hand picked his crowning works, showcasing the absolute hottest talent the industry has to offer. Cover model, Teanna Trump (VIXEN Angel of the Year 2019), plays a rising RnB star putting some executives in place and having a good time doing it. Also starring Autumn Falls, Adria Rae, and Emily Willis, in passionate performances you'll have to see to believe. All wrapped up in the world-class production values and captivating storylines that is know for, CLUB VXN VOL. 5 is not to be missed!

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