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Graphic designer Charlotte Huxley (Alison Rey) is struggling as an independent contractor looking to land the big gig her fledgling designing studio desperately needs to stay afloat. After securing a huge presentation opportunity with one of the industry’s most influential companies and its tenacious head Eva Stone (2019 XBIZ MILF Performer of the Year Bridgette B.), Charlotte is dismayed to learn that her old college nemesis Tucker Grant (Seth Gamble) is also vying for the job.

This film marks the much-anticipated Wicked Pictures debut for industry darling Holly Randall. A highly decorated photographer and filmmaker, Randall’s body of work speaks for itself and her skillset makes her an ideal choice to helm a Wicked film. The cast is a nice mixture of industry veterans and newcomers and Randall is able to pull some great performances out of the unit as a whole. Rey does the heavy lifting in this film and the entire movie hinges on her ability to present Charlotte as a sympathetic character. Fortunately, she pulls it off wonderfully. Charlotte is determined and confident which is great to see, but she’s also wary of the potential pitfalls facing her and her staff and her lack of naiveté goes a long way in making her someone the audience wants to root for.

Bridgette is perfect as the dominant-somewhat-smarmy boss who has no problem pitting her employees against each other in a vicious game of last man standing. She’s a great example of corporate success — not particularly loyal to her underlings, but not purposefully hostile towards them either. She simply wants the best product that will make her the most money and she’s only interested in those who have what it takes to create that reality within the rules she sets forth. She wasn’t necessarily likable, but she wasn’t unlikable either, and that is a credit to Bridgette’s portrayal of the character. Someone who was completely unlikable was Tucker’s conniving assistant Candy (Jane Wilde) who comes off as vindictive, deceptive and maliciously opportunistic right from the start. She’s the classic corporate foil to the hero and Wilde does a great job with it.

Gamble turns in another good performance as he is able to project a sense of forced cockiness designed to hide a lack of faith in his self-worth in the arena. Tucker is overmatched and he knows it, but he tries his best not to show it. Great work from Seth as usual. Derrick Pierce has an interesting role with very little dialogue, but it’s fitting because of his work position. It’s clear that Eva is dominant over Tony, not only as his boss, but also as his clandestine lover. Pierce exudes the attitude of a kept man who keeps his mouth shut because he doesn’t want to face the wrath. Pulling that off requires subtlety and Pierce is well up to the task. He’s a great actor.

The story itself has a nice flow to it outside of one somewhat confusing sequence. Towards the end of the film, Tucker and Candy have a conversation, then they both leave, then they both return after a pivotal plot point occurs in the movie. It was a bit disorienting that they would come back together based on a line of dialogue from Candy that suggested she wouldn’t see him again until the next day. That setup made their second conversation seem a tad out of place. Still, it’s a very minor gripe in an otherwise solid offering. The romantic element is nicely executed, the multiple story threads are brought to satisfying conclusions and there’s even potential for sequel or spinoff stories although the movie does not imply that potential in any way. But I found the world created by Randall ripe for more adventures.

The sex in this movie is quite fun. Alison Rey gets an expositional flashback scene with Codey Steele and the setting fits the story perfectly. They fuck on a rickety wood-framed bed that could have come right out of any college dorm room across America complete with beads and a fan hanging from the headboard. How many of us had a dorm room at on time or another that offered zero temperature control and we had to resort to cheap fans placed in awkward places to try and keep cool? Great attention to detail there. Alison uses her mouth to put the condom on Codey which was very sexy and the banter between them during that moment was great stuff because it held the immersion. The missionary with Alison’s legs to the side was a thing of beauty but it didn’t last nearly long enough. It’s such a visually stimulating position and I could have definitely used more of it.

Jane Wilde and Seth Gamble take a turn right in the office and I have got to say, Jane is gorgeous here. Everything from her hair to her makeup to her panties and bra, she is just a wonder to look upon. There’s a moment where she sits up on the desk with her legs spread but still mostly clothed, that is incredibly sexy. Seth fucks Jane’s mouth pretty good more than once, at one point almost forcing her head back into the desk with his desperate thrusting as she looked right into his eyes and begged for more. Also, the two of them deserve a ton of credit for not falling off that chair. Not really sure how they managed to stay on it during all of Jane’s squirming and bouncing but they did it.

Bridgette and Derrick stick with the fucking-at-the-office theme when they go at each other. Two highlights in this scene, first, the dynamic between Eva and Tony is flipped when they have sex and that was a cool element. While Eva is clearly in charge of Tony in the business arena, their sexual relationship sees Eva submitting to Tony in a way that she never would in the boardroom. That was a nice wrinkle in the story. Second, Bridgette absolutely wrecks Derrick in cowgirl on the chair, then Derrick returns the favor in kind when they’re in doggie. The scene is worth a watch for those two sequences alone.

Eliza Ibarra and Lucas Frost have a wonderfully executed scene that really needs to be talked about. First thing is, Ibarra loves to move her hips (at least in this scene which is the only one I’ve ever seen from her) and it gives her a highly sensual quality. There were times when it looked like Lucas couldn’t keep up and just had to hold himself steady while Eliza gyrated herself into blissful orgasm upon him. But the most authentic thing about this scene is the break in the sex action that occurs during a critical narrative point within the movie. Most of the time, a situation like the one in this scene is handled much differently in porn. Typically the sex finishes, then the story action happens, then the audience rejoins the sex partners to see their reaction to the story action. Here however, Randall opts to have the story action happening in one room while the sex continues in another room and the audience can see and hear the sex in the background while still taking in the story action. Brilliant decision.

Seth Gamble and Alison Rey have a tender scene together that feels natural and satisfying. The biggest compliment I can give this scene is that Rey and Gamble look like old friends who have waited a long time for this encounter. They look into each other’s eyes often and there’s an intensity/satisfaction there (especially on Alison’s part) that makes this feel like two people with history connecting on a new and emotional level through sex rather than two performers having sex for the camera. It fits so well within the confines of the story and again, the performers deserve credit for keeping their characters alive during the sex because a lot of performers aren’t able to do that. For features, this skill makes the scene enjoyable on a different level.

Suffice to say, Holly Randall’s Wicked debut is, in this reviewer’s opinion, a success. She chose a great cast, she told a great story and she brought that story to life on the big screen with aplomb. Serving as director, producer, director of photography and stills photographer, Holly wore many hats during this production, but the pressure clearly suits her and Wicked would do well to bring her back for more projects in the future, in my humble opinion. Alison Rey and Jane Wilde shine in the most character-driven roles either of them have had in a Wicked film and Seth Gamble turns in another great performance. I watched this movie on, so I was not able to view any of the special features.


Charlotte Huxley (Alison Rey) is an ambitious young woman who's vying for a contract with the big graphic design firm, Cambridge House. In her first meeting for an exciting new project, she runs into her old nemesis from college, Tucker Grant (Seth Gamble). Charlotte is dismayed but Tucker is determined to prove to her that he's a different man from the one she knew. However Tucker's ruthless assistant Candy (Jane Wilde) comes up with a plan to win them the book cover, but it would destroy Tucker's chances with Charlotte forever. Will Tucker choose his career over the woman he loves? A sexy office drama with a whirlwind of dynamic characters and passionate encounters, Graphic Content is sure to make you believe in second chances.

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